Reviews about Balay 3HB4331x0

Main advantage:

Something that users appreciate about this model is its ease of installation and its thermal insulation capacity; since it has a door that stays cool to the touch and its robust structure prevents heat from escaping to the outside.


Main disadvantage:

According to some opinions left on the net, you should take precautions when receiving the product, since with more than 30 kg of weight you will need extra help to handle it.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a product that enjoys a high score on the net, since many buyers value it and recommend it for its features, capacity, power, design and affordable price.

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Main Features Explained


Since 1947, the date of its foundation in Zaragoza, Spain, Balay has been a benchmark in quality when it comes to household appliances. It is a brand that has carved out its prestige and has carved out a niche for itself in many people’s homes. Among its best-selling products, we have some of the best electric ovens, such as the 3HB4331X0 model.

This oven with multifunctional qualities offers you up to 7 functions so you can prepare your favorite recipes and give the best point of texture and flavor to each dish. It is equipped with a homogeneous cooking system that cooks the dish quickly and evenly, since it has a powerful fan that independently generates a flow of hot air; so you can cook different dishes at the same time, respecting the aroma of the various foods.

It also has a wood oven function, thanks to which you can cook with a touch that evokes the traditional cuisine of yesteryear. This function allows the heat generated by the oven to intensify in the base, which produces an enveloping effect that achieves the successful preparation of foods such as puff pastries, pizzas, etc.

Likewise, it has a capacity of up to 71 litres, so you can cook large quantities of food and its 3,400 watt power favors rapid cooking.

modern and manageable

In addition to its versatile operation and great performance, it is an electric oven that boasts a modern and dynamic aesthetic. To do this, it offers you a black color with steel finishes, a material that has become the favorite of many users, since it offers durability, ease of cleaning and an appearance that combines the classic with a modern style; which makes it a team that fits perfectly with any decoration.

On the other hand, it has two rotary controls and a touch screen that allow you to easily adjust and select all its functions. It also has an electronic clock, thanks to which you can program the start and end of cooking; so you can get home and find your food freshly prepared.

Likewise, its design includes rails with a modern and innovative brake system, which favors placing the trays more comfortably and safely. In this way, there is no risk of them moving while you assemble the preparation for baking.

In addition to all its features, it is a tool that has energy efficiency class A, so you will not have to worry about electricity consumption.

Aqualysis function

Given that cleaning most of this equipment, whether it is electric ovens or conventional models, is an arduous task that requires time and effort, Balay has implemented the new self-cleaning technology with the Aqualysis function, a system ecological, fast, comfortable and also economical.

Aqualisis is a cleaning assistant specially designed to facilitate this task in ovens, with which less electricity is used than with the pyrolysis function and it helps to keep the interior of the oven clean and hygienic, in order to prolong its useful life. It works with soap and water and the results are very efficient, since it favors a comfortable cleaning and leaves the device ready for its next use.

Before using this function, it is convenient to remove the accessories and rails for better cleaning. After this, you only need to put a mixture of water with dish soap on the base of the oven and select the Aqualysis function with a temperature of 270°C on its control panel. Once this self-cleaning process is finished, it is advisable to wait until the oven is cold, to avoid any accident due to burns; then, with a clean and absorbent sponge you can easily remove all traces of moisture and dirt.

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