Reviews about Bra Vitesse

Main advantage:

The triple diffuser bottom of this pot allows a uniform distribution of heat, which speeds up the cooking process, contributing in turn to saving time, electricity or gas; since it is a pot compatible with different types of kitchen. 

Main disadvantage:

The closing of the lid could be smoother, however, it fulfills its function of maintaining the pressure of the pot so that the cooking is carried out, so it may not be too relevant an inconvenience.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a functional pot and suitable for different types of cooking, as it has been manufactured with excellent quality materials and a triple diffuser bottom.

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material and construction

Pressure cookers continue to be an essential part of the kitchenware in any home, since the rapid preparation of some foods such as hard meats, grains or stews, among other recipes, depends on their use. 

Now, as in any utensil, the material used in its manufacture is of the utmost importance to know its quality, resistance, maintenance and price. In the case of the Bra Vitesse model, 18/10 stainless steel forms the body of the pot to provide resistance and durability, being very difficult to deform. 

As for the handles and the knob, the material is Bakelite, a thermo-resistant plastic substance, capable of withstanding high temperatures without compromising its integrity. In addition, these parts of the pot can be touched without posing any risk of burns to open and close the utensil when necessary, taking the relevant safety measures.  

With regard to the bottom of the pot, this is a triple diffuser with a sandwich format, made up of a layer of stainless steel, another of aluminum and one more of stainless steel. This special design absorbs and distributes heat evenly, to speed up cooking time regardless of the type of cooker used: gas, electric, induction or glass ceramic, thus increasing its versatility.


For years, some people have feared using a pressure cooker, primarily because of safety and also because there is a false belief that they are difficult to use. But, these claims are far from reality regarding the Vitesse model of Bra. 

Regarding safety, we can mention that this pot has a triple system to expel all the steam and minimize the risk of burning during opening. Initially, the operating valve acts quickly, releasing the steam through the outlet holes located in the upper part of the handle. 

In case everything is not depressurized in this initial phase, a second valve acts to release the remaining steam. Additionally, the design of the lid favors the safety of the pot, since the rubber gasket expands to come out through the slot and release the pressure on the opposite side to the place where the person who cooks would be. In this way, it would be protected against the hot steam. 

In this sense, the manufacturer recommends changing the gasket once a year to keep this security system useful. Now, like any activity that involves fire, certain precautions must be taken to use the pressure cooker, starting by carefully reading the instruction manual offered by Bra. 


As we mentioned before, many people worry about the performance of a pressure cooker, believing that they are not easy to use. However, the Bra Vitesse is among the best pressure cookers for being easy and safe to use. 

To open it, place the button in the Open-Open position and turn it clockwise so that the point on the lid coincides with the other point in the center of the body handle. In this way, the lid is lifted upright and the pot will be open.

On the other hand, when closing the pot, the lid must be placed on the body so that the point of this part coincides with the point of the lower handle, then the lid must be pressed gently against the body of the pot. Next, you must turn the handle to the left, fitting the top of the body with that of the lid. Finally, the lid button will be in the Closed position. 

The manufacturer recommends that the pot never be filled more than ⅔ of its total capacity, likewise the minimum amount of liquid so that it can do its job is 250 ml. In addition, it is preferable that the heat source is set to the maximum level so that the pressing process is accelerated. 

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