Reviews about Braun MQ3025 WH Spaghett

Main advantage:

This blender has 700W of power equivalent to 13,500 revolutions per minute to perform an efficient grinding and a uniform shake in a short time and without effort, also standing out for its compact, lightweight design and the bell with an exclusive Braun design.

Main disadvantage:

A wider speed selector is missed, since it only has two. However, the performance of the team is efficient with the two levels of force to take advantage of its power. 

Verdict: 9.6/10

Braun has designed this blender with a power of 700 W, two speeds and 13,500 RPM to take advantage of the functionality of the different accessories to crush, mix and chop different ingredients. 

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Main Features Explained

force and revolution

In household appliances there is a common denominator when it comes to evaluating their performance and this is power, since most devices such as hand mixers have a motor that provides rotary movement to help in different kitchen tasks such as food processing, beat mixtures, chop ingredients, among others.

In this sense, Braun has opted to offer a motor capable of reaching 13,500 revolutions per minute in the MQ3025 blender, to take advantage of the 700 W of power and respond efficiently to all user demands. 

In addition, the power of this mixer can be adjusted with an easy-access dual speed control, which can be adjusted with one hand during use of the equipment. In this way, it will not be necessary to stop the operation, but only the buttons must be pressed to increase or decrease the speed.

All these elements ratify the high performance of this appliance, which is why it has been awarded the 2017 iF Product Design Award, since consumers around the world have valued the excellent functioning of this equipment to recommend it widely, since it also has a reasonable price. very competitive and affordable for limited budgets. 

PowerBell technology and design

If there is something that worries people who have never used a hand processor, like this model, it is the cleanliness and mess that the use of this device can generate when preparing liquid or semi-liquid mixtures.

Thinking about this aspect, Braun patented a very practical solution such as the design of the PowerBell Plus bell, which integrates an additional cutting area that allows ingredients to be reduced in a short time with each rotation. 

Simultaneously, this process is shielded by the anti-splash format of the hood through SplashControl, another innovation incorporated in the best Braun hand mixers to guarantee maximum cleanliness during the use of the appliance. 

Regarding cleaning, all the removable parts and accessories of this blender are dishwasher safe, so it will be much easier to keep each part clean and ready until the next use.

Regarding the handling of this equipment and its power, users highlight in their opinions that the connection cable measures 1.2 meters, which favors freedom of movement during the preparation of recipes and the use of the blender.

Accessories and utility

Definitively, Braun recognizes that the best way to take advantage of the powerful motor of this mixer is by adding accessories and complements that will allow different tasks to be carried out in the kitchen to make this utensil a more useful element in homes. 

For this reason, and knowing the daily demands of the most traditional families, a 350 ml mini-chopper is included with which you can chop meat, chicken, chop nuts, cut carrots and grate cheese quickly and very easily.

The stainless steel rods, for their part, help beat egg whites, prepare meringues, whip creams and facilitate the preparation of sweet and delicious recipes for the whole family. 

Additionally, the included measuring cup with measurements in ml and ounces makes it easier to prepare mayonnaise, emulsions and other mixtures thanks to its 600 ml capacity. It should also be noted that all the plastic accessories of this blender have been made free of BPA, to ensure the greatest safety against contact with food. 

In this sense, the use of this blender is widely recommended for the preparation of meals, jars and compotes for babies who have started the complementary phase of feeding.

The best thing about this equipment and its accessories is that they are quickly exchanged with the EasyClick system incorporated in the electric unit to attach the other elements. 

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