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Main advantage:

With the purchase of this wood stove some accessories are attached, which will allow you to take advantage of the functions of the equipment from the first day with total safety. Such is the case of a pair of gloves, grids and trays to cook food.

Main disadvantage:

The structure could be a bit heavy to be handled by one person at the time of assembly. However, you can remove the doors to reduce the load.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is a high resistance wood stove, thanks to its manufacture in stainless steel, refractory brick and tempered glass. In addition, its dual design heats the room while you make bread.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing raw material

The subject of the raw material for the manufacture of a wood stove is an aspect that must be carefully evaluated, because the resistance and part of the proper functioning of the device will depend on the quality of said material. Let us remember that this type of product has a burning chamber, which is where the greatest accumulation of heat takes place. 

In this sense, the ideal is that the structure is built in a metal with a robust body and, if possible, add some type of insulating coating. Thus, the heat is conserved safely and for longer, which allows fuel savings, which in this case are the wood logs.

For example, Bronpi Murano is a stainless steel wood-burning stove with an exterior painted with a special pigment with thermal protection, while the pair of modules that incorporate refractory brick inside help to obtain much faster and more uniform cooking. 

Likewise, the tempered glass in the doors stands out, which not only withstands high temperatures without deteriorating, but also allows the flame and preparations to be monitored. For all these reasons, the present model has been considered one of the best wood stoves, according to the opinions of the buyers.


Accessories are pieces that manufacturers usually incorporate into their wood stoves, with the purpose of improving the user experience of each one of the people. In this way, it is possible to start using the device from the first day, without having to make any kind of extra investment. In addition, you will save time by not having to purchase these accessories separately, such as grills, trays, among others.

For example, the main brands of stoves, powered by wood logs, are usually provided with a convenient cleaning set, safety elements for correct maneuverability, removable grids for placing preparations and many more.

Now, in the specific case of the wood- burning stove from the well-known Bronpi Murano house, the buyer will have a variety of accessories. Such is the case of a grill and a tray for the oven area, made of stainless steel and with a format of 59.5 x 37.7 centimeters, which is suitable for placing bread.

Likewise, a can of spray paint is attached, which you can use to maintain the good condition of the structure, in case of deterioration. In addition, you will find a pair of safety gloves in the package, so you can handle the trays, as well as open and close the doors without fear.

dual function

The wood stove is a device that during the winter season will be turned on daily, with the purpose of heating the different rooms of the home. In addition, this equipment usually incorporates a special module to cook some foods and even heat water. Therefore, the ideal is that the selected model is as versatile as possible. Thus, you will be able to take full advantage of its functions.

In the case of the Bronpi Murano wood stove, we have that it is a model with dual function to heat the room, thanks to its heating volume that covers a range of 350 cubic meters and caloric power corresponding to 14 kilowatts. 

Also, because the upper module of the appliance has been provided with a removable tray, you will be able to bake bread, while the flame generated in the lower compartment is capable of creating a cozy atmosphere. To do this, it is only necessary to introduce a few logs in the burning area, with a format no larger than 62 centimeters.

Likewise, those who purchase this model will not only be getting a product at a competitive price, but will also incorporate a visually attractive element into their living room, due to the detailed finishes of the structure, whose 20-centimeter vertical smoke outlet will maintain the stay free of odors and ashes.

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