Reviews about Cecotec Cocotte

Main advantage:

This cocotte is made of cast iron, which makes it a practically undeformable utensil. It can be used in any type of kitchen and also in the oven and dishwasher. It also has an interesting self-humidification system.

Main disadvantage:

With use, the material cures and, therefore, the preparation of the dishes improves. Hence, at first, the food may stick a little.

Verdict: 9.5/10

If you are looking for a cocotte that allows you to make the broths and stews of a lifetime in a simple and worry-free way, consider this model with a timeless and elegant design.

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Main Features Explained


This model is available in several colors, such as bamboo, charcoal, fire or scarlet, among others. Any of these options exhibits an elegant and timeless design that will fit perfectly in your kitchen, regardless of its style.

In a round format and with a practical lid that will allow you to prepare food exactly to your liking, this cocotte is the ideal option if you have several diners around the table. It is exactly the kitchen instrument you need if you are planning an event at home with family or friends.

To give you an idea, this model has a diameter of 24 cm, making it perfect for cooking dishes for 5 or 6 people. In this way, you can prepare food in large quantities and thus satisfy all the guests. As for the weight of the cocotte, it should be noted that it is around 4 kg. Thanks to its two handles, easy handling is more than guaranteed.

Manufacturing materials

If this utensil is considered one of the best cocottes today for something, it is because it is made of a material as resistant as cast iron. It may sound familiar to you, since it is the material that has always been present in pots and other kitchen utensils. The quality of life in a very innovative design.

Among the benefits of cast iron, we find its great resistance, since it is a very thick cocotte. Thus, you will not have to worry about possible bumps and scratches. It takes a lot more to finish this casserole. Another quality of this product is that it distributes the heat evenly over the entire surface, achieving an optimal result.

Here’s a great article for slow cooking, like stews, for example. Practically non-deformable, this cocotte is completed with a lid whose knob is made of stainless steel, another ideal material for this type of kitchen utensil.


In the opinions about this cocotte, we identified an aspect about which users confirm to be very satisfied. And it is that it is a casserole that has a natural non-stick system.

Little by little, and due to the vegetable oils and other natural fats in cooked foods, a natural non-stick layer forms that prevents the ingredients from ending up embedded in the bottom of the cocotte. Hence, you must have a little patience until this layer is created.

Another point in favor of this article is that it does not absorb odors or flavors. Nor does the interior discolor even when subjected to high temperatures, so the food will be 100% safe. Moreover, it is a kitchen tool suitable for the oven, as well as for any type of kitchen, something that users will greatly appreciate.

self-humidification system

Finally, we cannot forget to refer to one of its most interesting features. We are talking about the self-humidification system, present in the lid of this cocotte. Through this system, the condensation caused during the cooking of food is used, since the lid has been specifically designed for it.

Then, a dripping is produced that contributes to constantly humidifying the food. All this translates into much juicier dishes, hence the recipes have a unique flavor.

In view of all these characteristics, the value for money of this cocotte is more than justified. Having a useful life of many years, the investment is quite profitable. You will see this when you have to be the first to try the prepared stews, whose unique flavor is thanks to such advantageous features as the self-humidification system which, by the way, is not present in all cocottes on the market.

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