Reviews about Cecotec Conga Immortal Extreme 40 7 V H2O Max

Main advantage:

Despite being a portable broom-type model, its power and autonomy are well above those of other similar models. Specifically, the product mounts a 40.7-volt battery and develops a range of up to 85 minutes.

Main disadvantage:

The separation of the handheld vacuum cleaner from the body of the broom requires loosening a screw, which makes this process a bit difficult, according to various opinions on the matter.

Verdict: 9.5/10

A versatile alternative with which to save time and effort in cleaning your home, which places this model as the best Cecotec vacuum cleaner within the broom type.

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Main Features Explained

cleaning system

When we talk about a broom vacuum cleaner, the normal thing is that the product is limited to vacuuming the dust and sweeping the floor using the brush included in the head. This Cecotec model has these two functions, but it also offers other interesting and unusual features in vacuum cleaners at this price level.

To begin with, the product is responsible for removing any remaining dirt from your floors, regardless of whether they are hard or soft. Its head includes a high-speed and high-performance motorized brush, capable of lifting all kinds of dirt efficiently. Ideal to create a stable base for the other two processes that remain.

But in addition to sweeping and vacuuming, this product is capable of scrubbing your floors and mopping, just like most Cecotec robot-type vacuum cleaners do. To achieve this, the brush incorporates a special area at its base, which performs this task comfortably and without much effort. And as if all this were not enough, the equipment has a folding design, so that if you need a handheld vacuum cleaner you can get it instantly, just by separating this element from the main body of the vacuum cleaner.

advanced features

Once we know everything that this machine can do for you when it comes to cleaning, it is time to know how the device improves these results. The first thing you notice is its high suction capacity, with which it is possible to collect all types of dirt and on all types of surfaces. Perfect for leaving the floor cleaner before you start mopping.

Another interesting component is the HEPA filter built into the device. This has the capacity to retain up to 99.9% of the particles present in the environment, reducing the re-emission of dust into the air during cleaning. In addition, it also retains pollen, mites and allergens, which will be very interesting for users with respiratory problems.

All this approach applies to the two modes of operation of the product. One of them is the ECO mode, with which the suction power is adjusted and, in return, the autonomy of the product is maximized. The other mode is Turbo, which does just the opposite. Under this mode, the suction power is triggered, although reducing the duration of the battery and its autonomy.

Comfort and autonomy

As the last highlights of this product, it is time to talk about the comfort of use that it offers us, as well as its autonomy. Starting with comfort, thanks to its efficient design, we have a broom vacuum cleaner that we can comfortably move around any room in our home. In addition, the format of its head makes it easier to access the lower part of your furniture and clean where other models do not reach.

The accessories for handheld use also contribute to this comfort, with which it is easy to clean the most complex corners, vacuum upholstery and obtain better results. Something in line with the capacity of your tank, which reduces the need to empty it when necessary.

Regarding its autonomy, it is another of the strong points of the product. Thanks to its 40.7 volt battery, the model has a high suction power. Something that does not affect the weight of the product, also offering autonomy of up to 85 minutes in ECO mode. Perfect for thorough cleaning in one go.

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