Reviews about Cecotec Conga Series 1090

Main advantage:

It is a multifunction device, as it vacuums, sweeps and incorporates a Twin Floor mop and a special brush for pets. Likewise, thanks to its intelligent technology, it can be controlled remotely through the mobile or the Google Home and Alexa voice assistants.


Main disadvantage:

It can tend to leave gaps uncleaned if the cleaning mode is not chosen correctly. So you must be careful to select the one that best suits the situation.


Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a model that integrates smart technology and multiple efficient functions, so it deserves to be considered for cleaning any home.

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Main Features Explained


Connectivity and programming

The handling and operation are outstanding qualities when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, as well as the price and the opinions of the users. In this sense, the Conga Series 1090 model is a relatively cheap, practical and easy-to-use product, since its operation can be controlled from the mobile. To do this, it has an application (Android or IOS) that can be easily downloaded from the App and Play Store digital distribution platforms.

With this option you will be able to order the robot which of its 6 cleaning modes to apply, program its routine by establishing the levels of both suction power and scrubbing for the whole week and observe its history.

Another practical advantage that this line of robot vacuum cleaners has is its compatibility with virtual assistants. Hence, thanks to the new VirtualVoice technology that Cecotec has, the Conga Series 1090 robot can be connected to Google Home and Alexa. Two voice-controlled virtual assistants widely used in smart homes, through which you can indicate tasks such as cleaning, stopping work, ordering the robot to go to its charging base or locating it through sound emissions.

Navigation and autonomy

It could be said that this is one of the most interesting aspects that define the behavior of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market, since the efficiency of their work when cleaning depends on it. The difference lies in the fact that some walk randomly over the surfaces; while others create a virtual map and plot the most optimal route. In this sense, the Cecotec Conga Series 1090 robot vacuum cleaner has the iTech Smart 2.0 intelligent navigation system. Which is a software that relies on its built-in sensors to adapt to the space of the home or office by fixing obstacles, stairs and the location of furniture, in order not only to avoid accidents but also to carry out efficient cleaning.

Regarding its autonomy, we can mention that thanks to the Immortal Battery system, a technology that incorporates a 14.4 V and 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, the Cecotec Conga Series 1090 robot vacuum cleaner is capable of carrying out continuous work of up to 160 minutes, which may vary depending on the cleaning mode executed. However, it is enough to complete its work, and once it detects its low battery level it is able to automatically go to its charging base.



Another of the qualities for which the Cecotec Conga Series 1090 robot vacuum cleaner has become a prominent place in its category is its innovative 4-in-1 technology, with a mixed tank for liquids and solids. Thanks to this feature, it is capable of scrubbing and mopping, two additional tasks to the traditional ones (sweeping and vacuuming), which could make it a complete smart cleaning device. To do this, it has a twin floor mop with two materials and 3 scrubbing levels, suitable for any type of surface, since its Wash3You system doses and distributes the water evenly.

For its part, dry cleaning is also very effective; since, first of all, the powerful turbine, with which this robot is equipped, maximizes its suction power allowing it to collect all kinds of dirt, even the most encrusted. Likewise, thanks to its Turbo Clean Carpet system, it allows it to work at its maximum power to conveniently clean carpets and finally, with the use of its two interchangeable anti-tangle brushes made of different materials, it removes both animal hair and any other type of dirt., allowing to provide a complete and efficient hygiene of the different surfaces of the home or office.

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