Reviews about Cecotec Ecoextreme 3000

Main advantage:

It is an A+++ energy class vacuum cleaner, whose power of 700 W is equivalent to the suction force of 3000 W equipment for a much lower consumption of electricity. Consequently, its regular use for cleaning the home will not represent an excessive expense on your bills.

Main disadvantage:

In large rooms, the power cable can be just right, since it measures 5.5 m in length, making it sometimes necessary to change the plug vacuum cleaner to have a greater range in the room.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a compact vacuum cleaner with great suction power, which comes with various accessories to catch all the dirt, including animal hair. 

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Main Features Explained


Powerful vacuum cleaners are characterized by having a greater suction force, although in many cases this means higher energy consumption. Fortunately, the Cecotec Ecoextreme 3000 has 700W of power, whose suction power has nothing to envy to the sledge-type models that reach 3000 W, while maintaining low consumption. This is possible thanks to the UltraPower Technology system. 

Consequently, the energy classification of the equipment is A+++, so it will not generate excessive electricity consumption. An aspect that users highlight as flattering in their opinions about this product, qualifying it as the best powerful vacuum cleaner.

For its part, the TimeCyclonic Pro technology in this vacuum cleaner uses a cyclonic system, which allows the same suction force to be maintained over time so as not to affect the performance of the appliance.

However, another advantage in this vacuum cleaner that reinforces its energy classification is the Smart Power Regulator system, with which the power level is adjusted according to the type of surface and dirt to be vacuumed. In this way, the performance of the equipment is optimized while maintaining low electricity consumption for hard floors in Eco mode and Turbo mode to apply the greatest suction force on carpets and rugs.

These benefits and technological systems do not alter the competitive price of this product, since its cost is affordable and represents a lasting investment.

capacity and performance

A large capacity is expected from such a powerful equipment to be able to clean the entire house without having to empty the tank frequently. For this reason, the Cecotec Ecoextreme 3000 has a receptacle that can accumulate up to 3.5 liters of dust and dirt, also without the use of interchangeable bags.

To empty it, you just have to remove the tank and press a button to release all the dirt in the garbage container, hygienically and quickly. Consequently, it is a simple, cheap and maintenance-free system. 

Regarding the operation of this equipment, we must point out that it has an intuitive interface, as well as a silent one, thanks to the Ultra Silence System, reaching a sound level of less than 78 dB.

On the other hand, the 5.5-meter extension of the power cable allows a radius of action of 8 to 9 meters, ideal for cleaning large rooms and rooms without difficulty.

Regarding the filtering of particles and residues, this model incorporates a HEPA filter that is capable of trapping up to 99% of bacteria and microorganisms to purify the air. Additionally, it incorporates a microperforated filter and a foamy compound in the final phase of the filtering.

mobility and accessories 

In general, we are used to associating sled-type vacuum cleaners with cumbersome, heavy equipment that requires a lot of storage space.

For Cecotec it was a priority to change this concept, so it designed this compact vacuum cleaner that barely weighs 4.5 kg. An ergonomic handle was incorporated into the main body of the equipment to facilitate its transport, while the large wheels facilitate its movement in all rooms.

During use, the Ecoextreme 3000 vacuum cleaner can be placed in the Parking position with the help of the telescopic metal tube that is fixed vertically. In this way, it remains stable in a comfortable position to take a break during cleaning. Also, this option makes it easier to store the vacuum cleaner in confined spaces.

Now we will talk about the accessories that come with this vacuum cleaner and that allow you to make the most of its qualities. First of all, we mention the High Speed ​​Air Brush rotary brush designed to vacuum pet hair with great efficiency, regardless of the amount or the place, as it is suitable for cleaning carpets and sofas.

Secondly, the Parquet accessory stands out, indicated for this type of surface. On the other hand, the element for the corners allows access to the dirt accumulated in more hidden corners, while the accessory for furniture helps to vacuum delicate surfaces with optimal performance and without the risk of scratching them.

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