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Main advantage:

With this kitchen robot you can prepare different types of recipes, being able to use up to 22 totally different functions. In addition, the security system it has will help you avoid those domestic accidents, which usually occur in the kitchen.

Main disadvantage:

As for its main disadvantage, some users comment that the food tends to stick to the jar once the cooking cycle ends, making it a bit uncomfortable when washing it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The purchase of this kitchen robot could make it easier for you to prepare various recipes so that you can pamper your family every day with the richest dishes.

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Main Features Explained


Kitchen robots generally stand out for the functions they offer, how practical they could be or even for the design they have in their structure. That is why the specific design is always taken into account at the time of purchase.

Thus, we invite you to learn a little more about the design available in the IronMix model of the Cecotec brand, characterized primarily by its structure, since it is made of stainless steel and high-quality plastics. Therefore, you could enjoy the food processor for a long time as long as you maintain it properly. Also, this structure is steel, silver and black, so it could fit perfectly in your kitchen and can be combined with the rest of the appliances you have at home.

For its part, this model has dimensions of 33 x 52 x 45.5 centimeters and a weight of 6.4 kilograms, which is a compact and robust product but easy to handle to carry out your favorite recipes. It also works with a power of 1500W, which provides adequate operation at all times.

It is important to mention that this product includes a special stainless steel jug with a maximum capacity of 3.3 liters for you to prepare a considerable amount of food. In this way, you will have at your disposal a model with which you can prepare food for several people as well as 2.5-kilogram doughs and special creams to enjoy in your day-to-day life. In other words, in addition to being practical, this kitchen robot allows you to save the time you need to spend on other household tasks without any inconvenience. In this sense, we are talking about a great option, which you could choose to meet your needs at home.


According to the opinions of different users available on the sales pages, a good food processor should always provide you with a variety of special functions so that you can make as many recipes and desserts as you prefer, which is why when choosing a specific model, You should not overlook this detail, since this is the only way you could verify if it is really what you are looking for to use at home and get the most out of it.

In this sense, the Cecotec brand has a kitchen robot available for you that includes 22 special functions to create different types of recipes, therefore, it combines up to eleven kitchen products in the same device.

In this way, we are talking about the action of chopping different types of food, as well as steaming and heating in a water bath are possible. For its part, you could also knead, boil, keep warm, ferment, reheat, mix, grate, emulsify, grind and even grind varieties of food depending on the recipe you want to make. Whatever you need to do, you can most likely achieve it with this food processor, as it stands out among many models for its price and first-class functionality.

With this kitchen robot you will be able to surprise your loved ones whenever you want, being able to prepare rich and delicious recipes in a short time, you could even enjoy preparing sophisticated meals with this multifunction robot, since it also has the special turbo option to make granitas, sugar glazes and sorbets. That being the case, there can be no doubt that you could achieve a lot with this appliance at home, and you only need to press the turbo button to enjoy this great advantage.

Finally, we cannot ignore the idea that you will have the possibility of using two special cutting speeds according to the type of food you are going to prepare. In addition, the operating time of this robot could be adjusted from the first second and up to 60 minutes. Likewise, you could control degree by degree the ideal temperature for each type of cooking from 20º centigrade to 120º centigrade.


This could be the best kitchen robot among many models that are available on the market, due to how practical it is for each use, since it has Low Gear technology. This technology allows you to easily cook your food at low revolutions, considerably maximizing the force with which the robot works at low speed, in this way you could easily stir as well as mix dense masses or those containing hard ingredients. In this way, you could cook from risottos and rich biscuits to different stews and salads without any problem. Still, it would be easy to prepare the special dough for baking bread if you like.

On the other hand, when we mention that this kitchen robot is very practical for every use you could give it, we are referring to the fact that you could even carry out three types of preparations at the same time so that you can have the food ready in a matter of a few minutes. Without a doubt, IronMix could be a very useful kitchen helper to use in your day-to-day life.

Regarding the level of security offered by this appliance, it should be noted that it has a system called Double Security Check System, characterized by helping you avoid those uncomfortable domestic accidents that could cause bad times in the family, therefore, the food processor It has a double safety closing system, that is, one in the jar and another in said special robot, to thus provide the essential safety when opening the product.

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