Reviews about Cecotec Mambo

Main advantage:

It is a product with dimensions and an ideal weight to position and move easily and without inconvenience from one place to another in your kitchen. Likewise, you would have at your disposal a total of 23 functions so that you can prepare many dishes in a reasonable time.


Main disadvantage:

Some users miss the idea of ​​having a greater number of recipes in the Cecotec social community, to innovate and surprise each day with different culinary dishes.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This kitchen robot is capable of providing you with a variety of ideal functions so that you can easily prepare countless culinary recipes, in this way, you could pamper your family with the most delicious dishes every day.

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Main Features Explained


There are countless kitchen robots on the market with different functions, as well as designs so that you can choose the one that best suits you depending on the level of functionality it can provide.

In this sense, it should be noted that at the time of purchase one of the first characteristics that users take into account is the design of a specific product. That is why, below, we will talk a little about the mambo model sponsored by the Cecotec brand.

This same one is available in black, so it could fit perfectly in your kitchen, combining with the rest of the appliances. Also, in terms of its weight, it is 6.5 kilograms, which is a product with an appropriate size to easily position and move from one place to another without having to make much effort.

As for its manufacture, it is important to mention that high-resistance and quality plastic stands out as one of the main materials available in the structure of this food processor, as well as stainless steel capable of guaranteeing you the purchase of a special product. to enjoy for a long time as long as you give it due care.

And speaking of design, we cannot leave aside the digital screen that this model includes in its structure, being the same one of intuitive use with a completely touch control panel, so that you can choose the options and functions that you prefer with ease. Likewise, the jug present in this appliance offers you a considerable capacity, being the same 3.3 liters in total, so that you can cook for a greater number of people without any problem. In this way, let us tell you that you could celebrate different emotional dates at home, without having to spend as much time in the kitchen as usually happens, since this kitchen robot has the possibilities of providing optimal and adequate operation, so that you can prepare many recipes without any complications.


The functions available in a food processor are decisive to verify how practical a particular model could be, to carry out the preparation of different recipes in your day to day, that is why you should not leave aside all the functions that be able to offer you the kitchen robot that most attracts your attention when choosing among many that are on the market and are sponsored by different brands.

In this way, Cecotec has what could be the best kitchen robot for having a total of 23 special functions for each type of dish you want to prepare. In this sense, we are talking about a device that could combine up to 11 kitchen elements in a single product.

These 23 functions could help you produce diversities of culinary techniques, designed to create many dishes from the comfort of your home. Among the different actions, the possibility of chopping food, mincing it, grinding it and pulverizing it stands out. You could even grind, beat, knead, emulsify, cook both steamed and in a bain-marie if necessary. Likewise, there are other possibilities that you will have at your fingertips to enjoy quality efficiency with each use if you were to decide on this model.

As if that were not enough, according to the opinions of different users, you will be able to enjoy professional results using the food processor at both high and low revolutions, since the great power offered by the motor of this appliance provides quality performance with each use..

This is due to the double gear system that transmits the necessary force to the blades to work comfortably when preparing many dishes. For its part, the use of 10 speeds in total, will let you decide how fast you want to cook some food, being able to have an adjustable temperature between 37 and 120 degrees Celsius.


Before mentioning the different accessories that are included with the purchase of this food processor, it is important to mention that it has an appropriate level of security by having the Security Check System, designed to keep you away from the different domestic incidents that you could suffer. making use of this product.

As for the accessories offered by this kitchen robot, an exclusive kneading spoon stands out in the first instance, designed just to avoid cutting the dough inappropriately. In this way, you could achieve a much more homogeneous kneading at all times and better yet, with greater volume, which is why this kitchen robot becomes suitable for inventing and making a variety of recipes in terms of the world of confectionery.

On the other hand, you will also have at your disposal a recipe book with different types of food so that you can cook quickly and easily at home. In addition to access to the Cecotec social community where you will also have access to a variety of special recipes, even to prepare during special dates.

Among other elements of the set, stand out some steel blades, a butterfly, a two-level steamer, a ceramic jug as well as a user manual where you can find all the information you need to learn more about each detail that it has to offer you the Mambo model. In a few words, it is a complete kitchen robot available at a very good price in the market.

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