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Main advantage:

This Italian bread maker stands out for being a delicious and healthy alternative that offers particular functions, which meet the dietary needs of some sensitive people. Thanks to its integrated programs, especially indicated for coeliacs and diabetics, you will be able to prepare healthy breads at home.

Main disadvantage:

Its price is a little higher than that of other similar bread makers. However, it is a high-quality model that offers a special function that takes care of your health.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a bread maker that has earned the trust of many buyers, given its high performance and versatility; so it is recommended as a good purchase option.

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Main Features Explained


The world of baking is complex. Many times the smallest detail could make the bread go bad; This happens mainly due to the kneading technique, since the bread could be ruined if the dough is not handled properly. For this reason, if you like bread and prefer to make it at home, bread makers are the best option.

The Imetec Zero Glu is one of the best bread makers of the moment, since it not only allows you to prepare traditional bread in a simple way, but it is also designed to improve the quality of life of all those people who suffer from diabetes, celiac disease or who have gluten intolerance; an ingredient present in the vast majority of cereals, such as barley, rye, spelled, wheat and others.

We all know that factory-made bread contains a number of hidden ingredients, which could cause allergies in sensitive people. Therefore, if this is your case, this machine could be what you are looking for to prepare healthy, delicious breads using the best ingredients, in order to obtain a product that does not cause allergic reactions or discomfort to your body.

For this, Zero-Glu offers you 20 automatic programs, with which you can prepare bread using different types of flour. In this sense, it has 7 specific gluten-free programs to make sliced ​​bread, desserts, rolls and ciabatta. It is also equipped with 7 automatic programs to make conventional bread, using common flours. Additionally, it has the option of kneading and fermentation.

Likewise, it has 6 dietary programs, designed to work with wholemeal, kamut and spelled flours; With these configurations you will be able to make rolls, breads and ciabatta; in addition, in the dietary programs it includes two programs that favor the preparation of bread with sourdough, with a fermentation time of 6 hours.


Preparing bread at home manually can be a strenuous and delicate task. In this sense, this Imetec bread maker has earned the trust of many bread-loving households, as it offers ease of use and high performance when preparing this type of food. It is a totally automatic model, which does not require the investment of time and effort that the manual work of making bread deserves.

It is a machine equipped with a power of 920 watts, so you can prepare delicious breads and desserts in a short time and without neglecting your health. It is capable of kneading, fermenting and cooking by itself, you only need to add the ingredients, select the indicated program according to the recipe and the bread maker will carry out the entire task without your having to supervise; In addition, at the end of the entire process, it notifies you with an acoustic signal.

On the other hand, it has three levels to brown the bread according to your preferences (dark, medium or light). Likewise, it offers you the function of programmable ignition up to 15 hours in advance, so you can program the start of preparation at a certain time and enjoy freshly prepared bread when you get home at night or in the morning before. to go to work.

It is a bread maker that allows you to prepare various types using various fermentation techniques, such as brewer’s yeast and poolish yeast or sourdough. Likewise, it is ideal when it comes to preparing gluten-free pizza dough, to then be taken to cook in the conventional oven. In addition, it has a memory of up to 15 minutes that allows cooking to continue in the event of a power failure.

design and accessories

It is a bread maker with a modern, elegant and durable design. It has high quality materials, which give it a long useful life; For this, it has a casing with stainless steel finishes and heat-resistant BPA-free plastic. Its dimensions are 32.8 x 48.3 x 38.4 cm and its weight reaches 8.17 Kg; making it a robust bread maker that needs extra space in your kitchen, both for storage and assembly.

It has a touch panel and an LCD screen with large digits, which favors the visualization of programs and their settings. It also has a top window that allows you to observe the preparation process; on the other hand, it has a one meter long cable, so you don’t have problems when connecting the machine to the electrical network.

It is a complete and versatile model, since it has a wide set of accessories that favor the preparation of a wide variety of breads. In this sense, you will receive three different types of non-stick molds: a large 22 x 12 cm mold with two kneading blades, in which you can prepare up to 1 kg of sliced ​​bread; also, two recommended molds to make ciabatta of 250 g each and two more molds, special for rolls. In these molds you can prepare up to six crispy rolls of 80 g each.

As a gift, you will receive a useful cookbook with 100 recipes in Spanish and made by the international chef Marco Scaglione, who will guide you with his opinions and advice through his recipes, so that you learn all the tricks to prepare the most exquisite breads. Here you will find traditional and dietary recipes, as well as sweet and savory recipes. In addition, 40 of his recipes are dedicated exclusively to the preparation of gluten-free breads.

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