Reviews about Kitchen Craft KCBB882

Main advantage:

This manual cutter allows you to cut potatoes without having to prepare them beforehand, beyond peeling them. In addition, you have two different sizes for the cut, depending on the preparation that best suits you at all times.

Main disadvantage:

Although the blades are made of stainless steel, the rest of the body of the product is made of plastic, which is of good resistance but must be treated with care, in order to prevent the machine from breaking due to overexertion.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A traditional model with which to make two different types of cuts on the potatoes, thus obtaining two different thicknesses to prepare traditional French fries, with thicknesses of 1 and 1.3 centimeters.

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Main Features Explained

cutting system

The Kitchen Craft KCBB882 model is among the manual potato cutters, with a potato pusher element and a system of intersecting blades, through which the potatoes are already cut. To do this, we just have to place the potato correctly in the support area and push the cutting lever.

This process has the advantage of generating very even and similar potatoes, although it is necessary to make some effort when cutting. A process in which, at least, we have the help of the orienting guide of the support, with which the risks and part of the necessary effort are reduced when it comes to being able to cut these vegetables.

To finish off the set, the product incorporates a plastic pusher, duly shaped for the blades included in the product. This simplifies the process of cutting the potatoes and obtaining adequate results without more effort than necessary, even when it comes to large or thick potatoes, so that you do not have to go to the gym before you can use the product.

Manufacturing materials

Another advantage of this model, according to the different opinions in this regard, is the manufacturing materials used in it. It is true that it is not a totally metallic product, as is the case with professional potato cutters at a higher price, but it is also true that the materials used are of high quality and resistance when it comes to cutting those potatoes.

Starting with the main body, the product has a high-strength plastic, so that it adequately supports the stress of the cutting process. Something especially important in the area of ​​​​the pusher supports, which uses a metal guide with a good thickness of the material, in order to give you enough support during that cut.

Regarding all the cutting and pushing elements, these are made of stainless steel. A material that is also present in the area of ​​the blades, against which the potatoes are pushed when making the cut. This metal is also present in the pusher itself, topped with a plastic piece at the top of the handle, which makes the process of use more comfortable.

Other items of interest

To finish off this model, the manufacturer has included different details, with which to make the process of preparing your potatoes even easier. One of these elements is the double blade system, so that we can cut them into traditional 1-centimeter pieces, or into thicker potatoes, approximately 1.3 centimetres.

Another interesting detail is the suction base, included in the lower part of the cutter, which brings this model closer to becoming the best potato cutter on the market. This element is responsible for “sticking” the potato cutter to the table, so that all the effort you apply to the cutting lever is distributed directly on the potatoes and makes this cutting process more efficient, preventing the cutter from slipping or move.

Finally, as far as cleaning is concerned, thanks to the quality of the materials that we have mentioned, the process is extremely easy. The stainless steel pieces do not require more than water and dishwasher to be perfect, just be careful as they are sharp elements. Regarding the main body, its plastic material also makes it easy to remove the remains of dirt, without too many complications.

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