Reviews about Le Creuset Evolution

Main advantage:

Made of cast iron, this cocotte is the utensil you need to prepare all kinds of stews. Due to its manufacturing materials, it is resistant to scratches and perfectly preserves the flavor of food.

Main disadvantage:

To protect the enameled surface of this cocotte, it is recommended to use silicone or wooden utensils, otherwise it could be scratched.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for a versatile pot that allows you to cook from a roast to a pasta and that admits different heat sources, you have just found it. Choose yours in orange, red, black or blue, among other bright colors.

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Main Features Explained

Fabrication material

A resistant and highly durable cocotte will be one that is made of the best materials. In this case, you do not have to have any doubts, since it is made of cast iron, currently an excellent material for cooking.

Among its benefits, we find that it perfectly distributes the heat throughout the pot, which translates into much tastier foods, since they will not lose their flavor during the entire cooking process. But not only, because they will also keep their nutrients and properties intact.

The cast iron is accompanied by an enameled surface that makes this cocotte very resistant and willingly withstands both bumps and scratches. We find another material in this saucepan: stainless steel. This is located on the lid knob. The combination of all of them configures one of the best cocottes that we can identify today in the market. Its long life is more than guaranteed, so you just need to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

heat sources

A point in favor of this model is that it is suitable for different heat sources. This means that you can cook both on a ceramic hob and on a gas or electric stove. On any of these surfaces, the properties of cast iron will make it possible to prepare your favorite dishes.

We cannot forget to mention that it is also suitable for modern induction hobs. This is one of the most frequent concerns that can be seen in the opinions about this cocotte, since, in these times, many families have replaced their old kitchens with induction ones.

Finally, it is an equally suitable utensil to put in the oven. Of course, make sure to handle it with thick kitchen gloves to avoid incidents. You should know that, when you finish preparing your food, you can put it in the dishwasher without any problem.

Design and handling

Of course, the first thing that strikes you about cocottes is their design. This model does not go unnoticed, as it is available in bright colors. You can choose between several possibilities: orange, red, blue, yellow, black or gray, among others.

As for the dimensions, it has a diameter of 26 cm, although you can opt for a smaller model (18, 20, 22 or 24 cm) or larger (28 or 30 cm). In your choice, you will have to assess aspects such as the number of people you plan to cook for.

The cocotte is completed with a pair of large handles that make it easy to handle, both when cooking on a ceramic hob, for example, and when removing it from the oven. You will also be interested to know that it weighs around 5.7 kg. This is a detail that you must take into account, because not only the price of a cocotte is the only relevant aspect.


Ultimately, we must refer to the versatile nature of this product. Given its characteristics, it is a kitchen utensil that you can use to prepare a good number of recipes. For example, it is an ideal instrument for cooking stews, rice dishes, legumes, pasta, desserts and even bread. Any recipe you can think of, most likely, you can start with this cocotte.

With a capacity of 5.3 liters, it offers the possibility of cooking for approximately six people. If you are going to celebrate a birthday, party or any other event and you want to invite your closest loved ones, you will not need more than this saucepan.

In addition, as the enamel is resistant to acids, there is no problem if you want to keep the remains of cooked or even raw food inside. In fact, you can also marinate food in this cocotte with wine or lemon without any inconvenience.

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