Reviews about Le Creuset Mini

Main advantage:

It is a set made up of four mini-sized cocottes, making it perfect for preparing individual portions. Each unit is made of stoneware ceramic, making it a resistant product and does not absorb odours.

Main disadvantage:

They are ideal cocottes for small starters, but not for cooking in large quantities, due to their size.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With these mini cocottes you can cook delicious desserts for each member of the family, so that each one has their own. They are, therefore, very useful in the kitchen and, in addition, they can be introduced without problems in the microwave and oven.

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Main Features Explained


The first thing that jumps out about this model is that, in reality, it is a practical set made up of four mini-sized cocottes. Each unit has a capacity of 0.2 litres, making it perfect for preparing individual portions. For example, you can cook a delicious dessert or an appetizer in them. Of course, remember that, due to their size, they are not suitable for cooking large quantities.

Another feature of interest and that, without a doubt, you will like is that each cocotte is of a different color. In this way, you will add dynamism to your tableware and even to your table when the dishes are ready to be served. In this sense, one is white, another blue, another purple and another pale pink.

Each cocotte is provided with a pair of handles designed to facilitate its handling, but also with a practical removable lid with a plastic knob. As each one has dimensions of 10 x 5 cm, its handling is very simple.

Manufacturing materials

And if you are wondering about the manufacturing materials of this lot, you will be pleased to discover that it is made of stoneware ceramic. It is an ideal material for this type of kitchen utensils, given that, among its qualities, it stands out for its resistance and durability.

You can use these pans day after day and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Not surprisingly, they withstand inconveniences such as scratches, stains, acids and bumps. But that’s not all, because stoneware prevents both smells and flavors from being absorbed. Thus, every time you wash these small pots, they will be 100% hygienic, as if they were just bought.

For all these characteristics, we are facing the best cocottes on the market. What’s more, they are kitchen tools that can withstand even the most extreme temperatures, specifically, from -18 to 260ºC. Of course, remember that they are not made to withstand direct heat, so do not expose them to the fire of the gas stove, for example.


Versatility is one of the qualities that is most mentioned in the opinions about these cocottes. Previously we pointed out that these saucepans gladly admit the preparation of all kinds of food, although they must be in small portions, of course.

This means that each unit is perfectly suitable for putting in the microwave, but also for the oven. Do not forget that the temperature at which you should put the oven is a maximum of 260ºC. If you have some food left over, you can put each cocotte in the fridge without any problem. It’s also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to scrub by hand if you don’t want to.

Thanks to its manufacturing materials, it distributes the heat evenly inside each pot. Thus, the food will be kept at the optimum temperature for longer while you are serving it.


The value for money of this cocotte is an aspect that users value above all else. It is not, perhaps, the cheapest product, but it is backed by a brand such as Le Creuset with a long history in the market.

This firm is originally from France and has been in this activity since 1925. This translates into almost a century of permanence in the sector, more than enough time to investigate and make exactly what users demand a reality. The French brand guarantees that all the utensils it sells have been manufactured in accordance with the most exhaustive respect for food standards.

Another detail that we cannot overlook is that the entire range of products made from stoneware has a 5-year guarantee. With this declaration of intent, the manufacturer intends to demonstrate that its articles are not only extremely functional, but also of the highest quality.

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