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Main advantage:

It is a round toilet in white with large dimensions, soft and feminine shapes that add elegance and personality to the bathroom space. In addition, it is made with high-quality, durable, resistant materials that, together with the rounded lines, facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

Main disadvantage:

Its main disadvantage is that it only includes the toilet bowl, since the water tank and the seat cover must be purchased separately, parts that are necessary for its correct installation and operation.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for a comfortable toilet, this Roca model may be the right one, because in addition to being elegant, its dimensions are spacious.

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Main Features Explained

toilet design

The Roca Dama Retro toilet is a retro style model that has been made entirely of ceramic and its structure would be made up of the bowl and a low-tank cistern that is located at the back of it, this being a fairly conventional format which is common in most homes.

But the highlight of this toilet is its large rounded dimensions, which go beyond the standard size, since the width of the bowl is about 68.5 centimeters, making it very comfortable to sit on. On the other hand, it has a height from the bowl to the floor of 74.5 centimeters and a depth of approximately 40.5 centimeters, these measures being quite generous compared to traditional toilets, so that the users of your bathroom will not have any problem when sitting in this lavatory.

These large dimensions of the piece and its rounded shapes give the toilet a feminine touch. However, they offer comfort to men as well, reasons why many have described it as the best toilet on the market, according to the opinions of people who have been satisfied with the purchase of this model.

Cistern and lid

As we have commented previously, this model does not include the cistern located at the rear of the bowl, making it necessary to purchase it separately, for that reason its price is reduced. But the Roca brand offers a cistern model compatible with this collection, with direct discharge inside the bowl and the water intakes are included with the product. So when you buy it, you will be able to complete the process of installing your toilet.

An interesting advantage of the cistern from the Roca Dama Retro collection is that it has the latest technology to save water, which consists of a double flush mechanism with a capacity of 6 and 3 litres, so you can use it according to your needs. With this system, you can empty the cistern completely or only partially, by having two separate buttons to use the respective capacity.

Regarding the lid, it is good that you know that it is not included with this product either and must be purchased separately. However, Roca also offers you a variety of covers that are compatible with this toilet, as they are from the same collection. The cover is made of a resistant plastic material, with a round design that fits perfectly to the shape of the toilet and is of good quality, so it will be integrated into your toilet efficiently. 

Installation and assembly

This traditional cut model presents a fairly simple installation process, so you can do it yourself if you have plumbing knowledge, thanks to the fact that the type of installation is standing, so you must place the lower drain pipe in the area central, placing it on the floor, to then fix the toilet with the screws and plugs that are included with the product. Keep in mind that the toilet must be well fixed to the ground, so that there are no displacements when using it.

On the other hand, the water intake of the cistern is located horizontally in the toilet, with its respective hole to install the hose, which can be located at the extreme left or right. In this way, a water supply hose should be enough for the installation of the cistern.

Regarding the cleaning of this toilet, we can mention that since it is a rounded format and with smooth dimensioned lines, the maintenance process of this model is very simple to carry out, as long as you use the appropriate products to eliminate germs and bacteria.

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