Reviews about Rowenta AirForce Extreme Silence Rh8929wo

Main advantage: 

A praised aspect of this Rowenta vacuum cleaner is its silent function, since, after starting up the equipment, the recorded noise generation is only 77 decibels, which is a low sound and, therefore, not very annoying to the ear. human.

Main disadvantage: 

The maximum work force of the vacuum cleaner might not be powerful enough for some users, but it will all depend on the taste of each one and their cleaning needs.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is a broom-type vacuum cleaner with an ergonomic structure and a triangular head, which you can easily manipulate, to effectively remove accumulated dirt in any area.

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Main Features Explained

Silent operation

All electrical equipment generates a specific volume of noise that, if not adequate, could cause discomfort at the hearing level, especially if the device is started up in a small space. In addition, you must bear in mind that in a home there are several appliances that work simultaneously, and each one of them contributes a different amount of noise. Therefore, when selecting a vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to review the maximum sound decibels that it is capable of producing.

In the case of the Rowenta Air Force Extreme Silence Rh8929wo vacuum cleaners, we have a noticeable decrease in the noise produced with respect to the previous device ranges, which cause a total of 80 decibels of sound. In this sense, the developers of the team took on the task of lowering said sound scale to 77 decibels. This is a moderate measure, which fails to exceed the sound projected by the human voice during a conversation.

In order for this reduction to be possible, the device was provided with a high-performance Delta-type head, adding special Cyclonic and Silence technology. In this way, the sound is reduced a little, without reducing the effectiveness of the process of absorbing dirt on the different surfaces.


The head of the vacuum cleaner to be purchased is an area of ​​great importance in the device, since, thanks to it, we will achieve an efficient operation in collecting dirt. Therefore, this area must have special characteristics in terms of its design and size. In this way, it will not be an inconvenience to access any space or corner of the different rooms of the home with the device.

A good example of equipment with an ergonomic head and efficient performance is the Air Force Extreme Silence Rh8929wo vacuum cleaner, a competitively priced model marketed by the well-known Rowenta appliance brand.

Said broom-type structure has a convenient triangular-shaped head, in order to reach any corner without inconvenience. Similarly, the compact format of this equipment is suitable for cleaning under beds, chairs, tables or any other furniture.

In addition, the device incorporates into its Delta Slim type head, a motorized operation by means of a brush system that, according to user opinions, offers effective cleaning on any type of floor. Said brushes work at a speed of 6200 reproductions per minute, which speeds up the fulfillment of the sweeping task.

Ergonomic design

The design of the vacuum cleaner that you intend to acquire is an aspect of great importance, because it determines the level of practicality to manipulate the structure, either when cleaning the different floors or when storing the device.

For this reason, this model has a robust format vertical body, made of polymer and aluminium. Both are high quality materials and light weight. In addition, on the top, an ergonomic non-slip grip area stands out, which adapts naturally to the hand.

Likewise, the device is recommended as the best Rowenta vacuum cleaner, because it does not incorporate a power supply cable, since, instead, it has a lithium-ion battery. In this way, it is possible to enjoy an optimal level of movement, for a fast displacement.

On the other hand, there is the head wheel system, to avoid the deterioration of floors such as parquet, as well as the adjustment mechanism, which allows it to acquire a suitable position to store the structure vertically. This will save significant cupboard space.

Another aspect associated with the design are the light indicators, to control the working time and the tank with capacity for 0.5 liters of dirt, which can be easily emptied and washed.

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