Reviews about Rowenta Silence Force Cyclonic Ro7691ea

Main advantage:

The cyclonic technology of this vacuum cleaner offers high performance to trap the greatest dirt with an efficient filtering system. In addition, there is no need to change bags because all the powder is deposited in a 2.5 liter capacity container. 

Main disadvantage:

It is a robust equipment that weighs a little more than 9 kg. However, the transport of the vacuum cleaner is facilitated with a handle integrated into the body, as well as the wheels that help you move during cleaning.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this equipment, Rowenta offers efficient cleaning of your spaces, with a 4A energy rating and silent operation. 

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Main Features Explained

engine performance

For decades, Rowenta has positioned itself in the market by offering powerful and functional vacuum cleaners adapted to the needs of its customers. 

An example of this trajectory is the RO7691EA model, whose Effitech motor maintains high vacuuming performance with low power consumption. Its 550 watts power supports its performance and the suction force is equivalent to that of a 2000 watt device that consumes more energy, clearly.

On the other hand, the cyclonic technology in this equipment is responsible for the power being maintained and the suction power not being affected as the dirt container fills, an aspect that differs from traditional bagged vacuum cleaners. Well, it is normal that the more full the bag is, the team loses strength to suck. 

This does not happen with the Rowenta vacuum cleaner, since its users express very positive opinions about the performance of the equipment on different types of surfaces, managing to trap all the dirt, as well as pet hair and dust accumulated on furniture, rooms, carpets and much more. plus. 

Another of the outstanding aspects about the operation of this equipment is how quiet it can be, since it barely reaches a level of 67dB at maximum power, which is similar to other household tasks. In this sense, the use of the Rowenta Silence Force Cyclonic will not be a nuisance for family members, nor the neighbors, if you decide to do a night cleaning. 

Hygiene and filtering

We already mentioned that this model does not incorporate a waste bag, which is a common factor in the best powerful vacuum cleaners, since spending on consumables is avoided while the performance of the equipment is optimized.

On the other hand, the RO7681EA has a 2.5 liter capacity tank that allows direct hygiene, by avoiding coming into contact with the collected dirt. Therefore, cleaning the container is intuitive, in addition to having a locking system to prevent accidental loss while you are using the vacuum cleaner. 

Regarding the three-stage filtering system, we highlight the high-efficiency filters capable of trapping up to 99.98% of dust particles, according to manufacturer data, thanks to the efficient sealing in the different parts of the vacuum cleaner. In this way, allergens and bacteria are retained, also purifying the air from re-emission. 

Additionally, its maintenance is very simple and the Hepa filter replacements are marketed by Rowenta for each of its vacuum cleaner models. Therefore, there is no need to use generic filters or compromise the quality of cleaning. 


When reviewing the price of this vacuum cleaner, we can see that its cost is competitive and according to its characteristics, since it is a robust equipment with good quality finishes. Therefore, it is also heavy, reaching almost 10 kg. 

However, its ergonomic design incorporates a sturdy handle for easy portability. Meanwhile, its dimensions of 33.3 x 30 x 43.5 cm are compact for a sledge model and the wheels make it easy to move from one place to another in the rooms to be cleaned. 

This aspect is also supported by the 8.4 meter power cable that allows a radius of action of approximately 11 meters, not forgetting to mention the automatic cable winding system that improves the user experience.


Now, to take advantage of all the power of this equipment, the accessories deserve a special mention. First of all, we highlight the telescopic and height-adjustable tube to offer the best posture to the user. 

Secondly, it highlights the Power Air brush, which can be adapted to two positions by means of a tab, in order to clean hard and soft surfaces with the same performance.

On the other hand, there is the brush to vacuum wooden floors without harming their appearance. Likewise, the Maxi Turbo is designed to vacuum large surfaces and more dirt, being effective in vacuuming pet hair, carpets and upholstery. 

Adding to the versatility of this vacuum cleaner is the Mini Turbo brush, suitable for cleaning the car and reaching those hard-to-reach places between the seats and the mat. In addition, the accessory for high areas helps to clean the top of shelves, cabinets and curtains to remove all the dust from our rooms.

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