Reviews about Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua RR6971Wh

Main advantage: 

Among the details of interest associated with the operation of this Rowenta vacuum cleaner, the sensors incorporated into the structure stand out, which detect all the obstacles present in the room by means of infrared. In this way, shocks and overturning on the stairs are avoided.

Main disadvantage: 

The movement of this robot on the surface could be considered a bit slow by some people, but you should keep in mind that this helps it to offer a more detailed cleaning.  

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a Rowenta vacuum cleaner capable of vacuuming and scrubbing simultaneously. Its exterior design is modern, while programming is intuitive through a convenient remote control.

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Main Features Explained


Rowenta vacuum cleaners are a type of intelligent robots designed with the purpose of improving the cleaning experience within the home, since they offer automated operation. In this way, it is possible to start the device, according to the time needs of each person, to continue with daily activities, without having to monitor the performance of the equipment continuously.

In this sense, the Rowenta incorporates a highly efficient sensor system in the internal part of this type of vacuum cleaner, so that this cleaning task is possible successfully. This is one of the greatest benefits of the product that we analyze on this occasion.

The Smart Force Essential Aqua RR6971WH model offers scheduled cleaning with automatic management to avoid obstacles in the room. Thanks to this, the equipment will move smoothly and remove the existing dirt on the lower edges of the furniture, without colliding spectacularly.

Likewise, this vacuum cleaner from the Rowenta house has been provided with a pair of sensors against falls, which are convenient in two-story homes that have stairs, since they are responsible for quickly detecting them in the mapping of the route. Thus, it is possible to prevent the device from toppling over.

cleaning system

The cleaning system built into a smart cleaner may vary, depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Therefore, even though two models belong to the same brand and are aesthetically similar, there will always be small discrepancies between them. 

For example, some models integrate only brushes to catch dust and lint, while others specialize in scrubbing the floor. Likewise, other designs combine both technologies, with the purpose of providing a more effective cleaning.

Smart Force Essential Aqua RR6971WH is a vacuum cleaner that has achieved a great position in the market, since, according to the opinions of the followers, its dual cleaning system allows optimal performance on hard floors. It is a pair of side brushes, which are responsible for quickly trapping all the dust produced on a daily basis, and the hair left by pets, on the floor of the different rooms of the home.

On the other hand, a brush with a motorized function stands out, which works together with a mop made of microfibers. In this way, the device not only sucks up dirt from the floor, but also scrubs it, getting rid of all stains. In addition, said textile can be easily removed to be washed independently, either by machine or by hand.

Battery and autonomy

An intelligent vacuum cleaner is an electric type equipment, which requires a constant source of energy, in order to fulfill the route programmed by the user for cleaning. In this sense, the ideal is the connection to an alternating current outlet. But, for this, the equipment would require a power cable. However, this is not such a viable option, because it is a device designed to move freely on the floor in the different rooms of the home, so a cable would end up limiting the robot’s path.

In order to solve these possible difficulties, brands incorporate rechargeable battery systems into these cleaning devices, such as the Smart Force Essential Aqua RR6971WH, considered by critics to be one of the best Rowenta vacuum cleaners, with a competitive and low price. energy consumption. 

The device has been provided with a 2200 amp energy accumulator, for an autonomy of up to 150 minutes. In this way, you will be able to carry out several cleaning sessions. In addition, the device has a charging base, which you must place in a visible area, since, once the vacuuming and mopping cycle is over, the device will automatically go to it to recharge for six hours.

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