Reviews about San Ignacio Masterpro PK733

Main advantage:

This cookware is made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel, which has various properties that favor the cooking process of food, does not release toxic substances and is more resistant.

Main disadvantage:

It is not suitable for baking, which could be considered an inconvenience for some users, placing it at a disadvantage compared to other models.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is one of the most functional cookware sets, since its lids have a double liquid evacuator, simplifying the food preparation process, so the use of colanders or other utensils is not necessary.

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Main Features Explained


This 5-piece cookware is made up of 1 saucepan, 2 straight pots and two lids, which expands the possibilities of preparing different types of recipes efficiently. In this sense, the saucepan is a fundamental piece in all kitchens, since its high-walled design makes it specifically suitable for heating or cooking liquid foods, such as sauces, creams or hot drinks in small portions, in this sense, it is important know that it has a reduced diameter of 16 cm and a clamping handle. 

As for the straight pots or saucepans, they have 16 cm and 20 cm with a lid. These have 2 holding handles and their design is shallow but with a larger diameter, which allows slow cooking and their use is more varied. In this way, it offers the possibility of preparing sauces, rice dishes, soups, pasta, vegetables and stews. 

For their part, the lids included have a practical design that complements the use and functionality of the pots, because it helps to reinforce the different types of cooking, reducing the effort and time invested to simplify the procedures. Consequently, you will obtain quality results in all preparations.


These San Ignacio cookware offer a diffuser bottom compatible with the different types of fire or available heat panels. In this sense, these pieces are suitable for use in gas or electric kitchens and stoves, as well as in the different types of heat panels, such as induction, vitro and halogen, to offer greater versatility and functionality.

For their part, the pots provide a measuring edge to facilitate the moment of serving liquid foods, such as soups and creams, as well as to transfer them from one saucepan to another, which also avoids spills on the dishes or kitchen surfaces, in this way This way you can offer a good presentation and contribute to the hygiene of the place.

As for the lids, they have a double liquid evacuator on the inner edge, which consists of a series of holes, which together with the dosing edge function as a strainer, allowing water to be removed from pasta and boiled vegetables. In this way, you save time, effort and money, because it will not be necessary to purchase a separate strainer. In addition, its handles and knobs were ergonomically designed to facilitate its use.


These utensils are made of 18/10 stainless steel, which means that it is made of a combination of 18% chrome and 10% nickel. This means that it is more resistant to scratches, warping, sudden changes in temperature and corrosion. In addition, it offers greater benefits in food preparation, since it does not release substances that are harmful to health, such as PFOA.

The grip handles, handles and knobs are also made of stainless steel, but they are also covered with a thermal protector made of silicone, capable of insulating heat for a secure grip, preventing slipping and contact burns. Likewise, the lids are made using transparent glass to facilitate the visibility of the food during the cooking process, so the opinions of many users agree that, in addition to having an affordable price, it can be considered the best kitchen battery..

Both the pots and the lids and handles have a polished chrome-look coating on their outer surface, which gives them a touch of class, while protecting them from damage. On the other hand, all the parts are easy to clean, since in addition to offering the possibility of quickly removing all the dirt under the tap, they can also be washed in the dishwasher to save you time and effort.

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