Reviews about Tefal Expertise

Main advantage:

What stands out most about this product is that it is capable of distributing heat evenly to prevent foods from burning or being half-cooked. In addition, it is capable of withstanding up to 180 degrees Celsius very easily.

Main disadvantage:

One of the disadvantages present in this Tefal pan is that it weighs more than 1 kilogram, so it is a bit high to be able to move when cooking.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This is a non-stick frying pan without chemical products that are harmful to health or that alter the taste of food, so it could be of interest to you.

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Main Features Explained


Although the heating system is not a feature often found on pans, it is of the utmost importance, as it is able to help you determine if the product is practical.

The Tefal Expertise model is a robust frying pan whose main and outstanding feature is its heating system, which is that this product is capable of withstanding up to 180 degrees Celsius very easily, making it ideal for cooking in almost all types of cooking. of kitchens, including glass-ceramic, electric, induction and mixed without any problem.

In addition to this, in the center of this frying pan is the brand logo (Tefal), which is represented by the letter T with a circle around it and, this interesting detail, is capable of changing from its shade of semi red stippling to a deep red when the pan reaches a maximum cooking temperature of 180 degrees. In short, it will notify you when it reaches its maximum heat point to start cooking.

On the other hand, the induction base is 4.5 millimeters thick, which will help avoid thermal shocks or drastic changes in the temperature of the pan in order to extend its useful life. 


If you are looking for opinions to be able to acquire the best pan, we invite you to consider the manufacturing materials, since for the pans to heat more efficiently and be very durable, they have to be made with good raw material. Likewise, this detail also includes the non-stick system, so it evaluates that it does not have PFOA, cadmium or lead, since these are chemical products that are highly toxic.

The Tefal Expertise stands out among the other models since it is made of high-thickness aluminum, which will help the heat to be distributed evenly throughout its surface to prevent the food from being raw in some parts or it reaching burn. Also, it should be noted that its structure is covered with a non-stick coating so that the foods you cook do not stick so you do not use oil or additives. In addition to this, the non-stick system does not include perfluorooctanoic acid, lead or cadmium among its components, so you can rest assured that you will be able to cook on a pan free of chemicals that are harmful to health.

On the other hand, the non-stick coating that this pan has is much more durable thanks to its layers with titanium reinforcements, which will prevent excessive wear, as well as help you to clean and wash it more easily. easy.

size and design

Before you check the price of the different models of pans that catch your eye, another aspect that you have to take into account is the size. Since, the capacity it has so that you can cook more food or that it does not splash oil or liquids towards the kitchen area or the floor is also important.

This product presented by Tefal comes in 24 centimeters in diameter and is also available in various sizes that can range from 21 to 32 centimeters in diameter so that you can select the one to prepare good portions of food for you and your guests without having to worry. because the food is going to overflow or there is a lack of space in the pan. It also has an ergonomic handle that is reinforced with aluminum folds to prevent it from breaking and you can easily lift the pan when it is full of food, as well as be able to take the pan to move it or hold it tightly when you are cooking and prevent food from overflowing.

On the other hand, it comes in a matte black color, which will help it to match the tones of the other objects that you have in your kitchen very easily.

As for its body, it is very thick, which favors the frying pan being able to cook in a homogeneous way and without leaving cold spots.

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