Reviews about Vileda Quick Clean

Main advantage:

The handling of the electric broom is intuitive and simple enough to avoid complications. It has a fairly good general performance and the autonomy of its battery is sufficient for domestic consumption.

Main disadvantage:

Some areas that could be difficult for the team are the corners and the joints between the floor and the wall, which you may have to go over by hand after cleaning with the electric broom.


Verdict: 9.9/10

Vileda Quick & Clean is an ergonomic and practical electric broom to lighten the cleaning load, so we advise you to review its characteristics before choosing which one to buy.

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Main Features Explained


electric broom design

When considering the options of electric brooms on the market, and taking into account that it is a cleaning tool as well as a manual one, you need to carefully evaluate the design and level of ergonomics that each model offers you.

In this sense, some opinions agree that the Vileda Quick & Clean electric broom should be among the best purchase options considering its general design and the head, which guarantee comfort when using it.

It is also highlighted that the equipment is intuitive to use, since it maintains the simple structure of a normal broom so that you can handle it with greater freedom of movement. Its size is 27 x 20 x 115 centimeters and it has an approximate weight of 1 kilogram, so it is not too heavy or difficult to control when passing it on the ground.

On the other hand, the head has a flexible neck with which you can put the electric broom under furniture and chairs without having to move them, allowing you to clean in depth more easily, in less time and more comfortably. This piece is an intense red color and is what provides the aesthetic quality in the Vileda product.

cleaning capacity

Making the decision about which electric broom is best to buy can be somewhat difficult with the variety of alternatives available on the market. Therefore, in order for you to make a successful purchase, we advise you to carefully review its cleaning capacity from various angles.

Taking the above into account and reviewing the characteristics of the Vileda Quick & Clean electric broom, one of its advantages lies in the integrated brushes in the lower part of the head. There are a total of 2 interchangeable units, which will be in charge of sweeping the floor to more easily trap dust and dirt.

These brushes, in turn, have the ability to rotate, allowing the waste to be directed towards the electric broom tray, so that it can be vacuumed and stored directly in the tank.

Another aspect within the cleaning capacity that could lead the Vileda product to position itself as the best electric broom is its tank, which offers a storage capacity of 160 milliliters, being quite useful for cleaning entire rooms without having to empty it.

As for its performance area, you should know that the equipment can work without problems with dust, pet hair, spider webs, hard floors and carpets, among others.

Battery autonomy

When evaluating the autonomy of the battery in electric brooms, it is important that you know that this characteristic is very taken into account to determine its sale price, since, the more independent they are from the cables, the more practical they will be.

In consideration of the previous line, it should be noted that the Vileda Quick & Clean electric broom is a piece of equipment that, in addition to being ergonomic, also has a good capacity for domestic consumption.

In other words, it has a battery that provides up to 10W of power for cleaning floors, along with a range that can reach 40 minutes after storing a full charge cycle. In this time, its manufacturer guarantees that you can clean a space of up to 250 m², so you could do a quick sweep of the entire house or clean a couple of rooms thoroughly.

In addition to this, it stands out that the equipment has the class A+++ energy consumption category, the highest on the list, indicating that its load will not use up many electricity resources, so that you can use everything you need when sweeping and without having to to worry about the cost of the utility bill at the end of the month.

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