Reviews of Argargon Pro 30LDX reviews

Main advantage:

This air fryer stands out from its peers for offering great cooking capacity, so it has an ideal container to prepare up to 3.2 kilos of food. In addition, it is a multifunction model that allows you to prepare different dishes.

Main disadvantage:

The non-stick layer material could be improved to provide a longer shelf life. However, you can take care of it by using non-abrasive cleaning products and avoiding the use of metal utensils.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a high quality, easy to clean, safe and large capacity fryer; For these reasons, you could consider it in your comparison as a good purchase.

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Main Features Explained

healthy and efficient

Air fryers are household appliances that, given their functionality and efficiency, have managed to gain the acceptance of many users who value being able to cook their favorite dishes with a minimum amount of oil. For this reason, in their opinions they recommend them as a very useful product.

Such is the case of the Aigostar Dragon Pro 30LDX, one of the best air fryers when you are looking for a high-performance product that promotes healthy eating. For this reason, it is an appliance that favors people who want to minimize the intake of fat in their diet, without giving up the taste of fried foods.

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of cooking without oil or with a small amount of it and prepare delicious croquettes, French fries, Roman-style squid or any other exquisite dish for the palate and at the same time healthy for the body.

Thanks to the 1500 watts of its powerful motor, it is an appliance capable of generating rapid internal heating, which is why it rotates the air 360º at high speed. For this reason, it cooks food as if it were an oven; but in much less time and with greater efficiency; without the need for added oil and achieving healthier recipes.


Regardless of price and design, when choosing an air fryer it is important that the model in question offers great features when preparing your favorite recipes. With this in mind, Aigostar has equipped this appliance with a multifunction design that allows you to cook multiple dishes with a single appliance.

It will not be necessary to have several appliances to prepare your favorite food, since this fryer with multifunctional qualities gets the job done efficiently. To do this, in addition to frying you can also cook your food, reheat it and you can even defrost it easily; which helps you save time when cooking and also helps you save space in your kitchen drawers.

On the other hand, it is a device that you can configure without problems. It has a timer to manually adjust the cooking time, in periods ranging from 0 to 30 min. In addition, to prevent food from sticking, once the set time has elapsed, the fryer turns off automatically.

Likewise, it also has a rotary button that allows you to regulate its temperature in a range that goes from 80 to 200ºC, depending on the recipe you want to prepare; be it crispy fries, dumplings or succulent roast chicken.

Design and capacity

This practical fryer has a minimalist and compact design; since it does not need a large compartment to store the oil. Its dimensions are 35 x 32.6 x 28.7 cm. and its weight is 4.9 kilos; which is why you can handle it easily, while taking up little space on your countertop.

It is made of stainless steel, a material resistant to heat and corrosion, and externally it is finished in black ABS, which provides a touch of elegance. In addition, it is a reliable device free of BPA, a substance that is toxic to the body.

In addition to all this, it is a fryer with a cooking capacity of 3.2 kilos, so you can prepare healthy food for an average of two to three people and without having to invest a lot of time and effort. Likewise, it is easy to clean, since it has a removable basket that you can wash in the dishwasher without problems.

Similarly, in order to improve your user experience, this model has a large cool-touch handle that ensures the extraction of the basket without the risk of accidental burns.

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