Reviews of Balay 3BC762M

Main advantage:

It is a recirculation extractor hood, which does not require the installation of pipes to the outside for the air outlet. In this sense, it is capable of cleaning efficiently thanks to its two filters, one anti-grease and the other active carbon.

Main disadvantage:

Its main disadvantage could be that its energy efficiency is a bit low, so it is in level E, in this sense, you should use it eventually to avoid excessive expenses and damage to the environment.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Its integrable type design allows it to be installed independently or together with other kitchen furniture without major difficulties, since it has reduced dimensions of 60 x 50 cm.

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Main Features Explained


Among the functions of this extractor hood stands out the elimination of the grease that is normally suspended in the kitchen space, which usually remains adhered and accumulated on the walls, ceilings and furniture, dulling and disfiguring the surfaces.

Something similar happens with the odors, smoke and steam that are generated when cooking, especially when the food is at its maximum boil, but in the same way this device can reduce the impact of these gases, which is why it is considered by many as the best extractor hood .

As far as its functions are concerned, this is a recirculation hood, which means that it does not have a smoke outlet. In this sense, since there is no exit to the outside of the kitchen, it uses an anti-grease filter and an active carbon filter, which act by retaining the grease and absorbing the gases to clean the air and send it back to the kitchen area, but this time cleaner.

Its strength and speed are other fundamental characteristics of this model, capable of offering you a maximum extraction power of 370 m3/h according to the information issued by the Spanish Association for Standardization in its resolution UNE/EN 61591, which guarantees a good performance. However, it has an affordable price and offers up to 3 extraction powers to adapt it to your needs.

However, it is important to mention that its connection power is 155 W and the power of the lamps is 60 W, which places this device at level E of energy classification. Likewise, the sound power is at level 3 and generates 67 dBA, which according to measurement standards could be considered as an acceptable noise level for the user.


This is one of the most appropriate extractor hoods for domestic use, especially in small kitchens or with poor ventilation. In this sense, in addition to being a functional piece of equipment, it also provides good design, which gives added value to your decoration, enhancing the appeal of the entire kitchen area.

This extractor hood is of the chimney or inverted T type, which facilitates the capture of air in a natural way to increase its efficiency. Similarly, its sober and elegant design gives a touch of professionalism to the space to increase confidence in the preparation of different recipes. Likewise, the lighting of this hood must be taken into account, which incorporates halogen bulbs, offering a type of warm light that is pleasant and effective for lighting the cooking area.

It is made of stainless steel to give it more resistance and strength, which greatly extends its useful life, in the same way, this makes it possible for it to withstand hot, greasy and dusty conditions for long periods of time without suffering significant damage. In addition, stainless steel offers versatility to be adapted and harmonize with any type of decoration, since its color is natural and neutral. For this reason, it is a suitable hood to install in simple and classic kitchens, but it is also suitable for the most modern and avant-garde ones.

On the other hand, its design makes it possible for it to be embedded in the wall independently, so it is not necessary to use an additional piece of furniture in its installation. Similarly, it is not necessary to drill the walls to place pipes to the outside.

It is important to know that its dimensions are 60 cm wide, 50 cm deep and its weight is only 9 kg, so you can also integrate it under or between two kitchen units. According to the opinions of the experts, it is important to carry out a correct installation and to give it the proper maintenance to guarantee a longer useful life.


Being a hood without smoke outlet, its installation offers greater possibilities and at the same time is less complex, however, this also implies that the hood can accumulate grease and other types of dirt at a faster rate. In general, this occurs due to its position in the kitchen, since it must be installed on the stove, considered by many cooks as the area that gives off the most dirt.

Therefore, its maintenance is also vital to optimize its performance, so it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to give it the necessary care. In this sense, it is advisable to start it only after turning on the stove, since its motor can produce around 95 W, which, in addition to generating additional energy consumption, could also cause overheating by increasing the temperature of the kitchen.

Filters should also receive regular care to ensure their efficiency. These are made of multilayer aluminum and have a traditional design, so it is best to wash them with anti-grease products to prevent their accumulation. Also, you should take into account that its removal is simple for easy cleaning, however, there is the option of purchasing replacement filters that save you maintenance and could be more effective.

On the other hand, it is important to know that its surface is smooth and has a refined appearance, so it is best to avoid using scouring pads, wire sponges and abrasive cleaning products, especially those made of steel or aluminum, since they generally deteriorate the metal. In this sense, it is a product indicated to clean with a soft cloth and neutral liquid detergent, in order to preserve its appearance.

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