Reviews of Balay 3eB715LR

Main advantage:

Balay has equipped this ceramic hob with advanced technology that offers optimal performance, the most notable being the inclusion of up to 17 cooking levels for each burner. In addition, it has intuitive touch controls and a competitive price.

Main disadvantage:

Missing is the inclusion of a fourth burner. However, the three cooking zones that this model has fully fulfill all their functions.


Verdict: 9.8/10 

It is a product recommended by users who position it among the best in its category, given its ease of assembly, speed of cooking and simple handling.

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Main Features Explained


Prestige and quality

If you are one of the people who enjoys the kitchen preparing special dishes for your family, or you are one of those who receives guests at home for dinner, you must already know the importance of having an efficient and easy-to-use cooking system. In this sense, glass-ceramic hobs are an excellent option and Balay is a benchmark of high quality in terms of the manufacture of these appliances. This prestigious Spanish brand founded in Zaragoza in 1947, has a long history of experience and its products enjoy an excellent reputation in the market.

The Balay 3EB715LR ceramic hob has been conceived with the purpose of making meal preparation a pleasant, relaxing and safe experience, since it offers you high-end features; so you can always have all your exquisite recipes on time. For this reason, many in their opinions position it as one of the best ceramic hobs of the moment.

Functions such as memory, included in this appliance, allow you to remember the preferred settings for certain recipes and preparations. In this way, just by configuring the hob, you can enjoy your favorite dishes without losing time and whenever you want.


When handling cooking surfaces that can reach high temperatures, safety is an issue that cannot be ignored. For this reason, Balay has equipped this ceramic hob model with mechanisms that provide security at all times; especially if there are adventurous children at home.

In this sense, it has a function that allows you to block the hob and prevent it from turning on; in this way, the little ones will not be able to put it into operation by accidentally manipulating its controls. This mechanism provides peace of mind for both parents and caregivers, even when children approach the kitchen. In addition, this lock can be configured temporarily or permanently according to your needs.

In addition to this, the plate has a safety auto-off system and automatic disconnection, especially useful in case of confusion or forgetting to turn off the equipment. It is also useful when it comes to older adults, who could easily forget to unplug the hob.

Likewise, it has the function that indicates the presence of residual heat in each cooking zone; for which it has two-level indicators. This safety system prevents any accidental burns when putting your hands on the hot plate.

Efficiency and design

With this plate you can prepare delicious recipes in an efficient and simple way. To do this, it offers you three different cooking zones for different containers (pans and pots). Likewise, you can set the intensity of cooking between 17 levels, as necessary, according to the food. In addition, thanks to the automatic shutdown system, you won’t have to worry about the food burning, since each recipe will be cooked just in time.

Now, it is a plate that gives you an extra large burner of 28 cm in diameter, which favors the preparation of large quantities of food. Likewise, you can use smaller containers, depending on the ingredients you are cooking. To do this, its other two areas offer you 14.5 and 18 cm respectively.

The cooking zones are made of high quality ceramic, which makes them resistant to high temperatures; likewise, the glass-ceramic surface is made of high-quality tempered glass, which offers a long useful life. It also has a modern and easy-to-use digital control panel; In the same way, it has an audible alarm that you can activate and deactivate when you require it.

In addition, its weight is only 8 kg, which makes it easy to handle at the time of installation. It is important to always keep it clean by doing the proper maintenance after each use, using suitable products for this type of surface; in this way, you will be able to enjoy a modern and attractive cooking system.

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