Reviews of Balay 3eb865fr

Main advantage: 

It has a modern and practical design, with the capacity to cook or heat in three different zones and at an unbeatable cooking speed.

Main disadvantage: 

Some of the controls via the touch buttons can be slow in response, taking a while to execute the action selected by the user.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a model that stands out for having a modern design in black, with capacity for three burners and fast cooking functions, as well as programming. 

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Main Features Explained

speed and design

Induction hobs are suitable options for cooking quickly and functionally and this alternative from the Balay brand is no exception, appearing as one of the best of its kind, for having attributes that denote quality, through a modern design.. According to user opinions, this Balay induction hob is one of the fastest on the market because it is equipped with 17 power levels, for a maximum of 2600 watts, so that the user can select the level of heat you want according to the dish you are preparing. 

One of the best advantages of this model is that, regardless of the power selected, the heat is distributed evenly and homogeneously around the entire surface and, in case there is not enough time, it has a function to accelerate the process of heat through “sprint”. This is an important advantage because it will save time when boiling water, in order to quickly vacate one of the three cooking zones and start a new preparation.

Regarding its design, it is modern, practical to use and is available in an elegant black color, with a glass-ceramic surface that does not get hot, so it is safe, easy to clean and common burns are avoided. In addition, it incorporates a small LED technology screen, with indicator lights, to keep track of the heat power being used, as well as easily accessible touch buttons on a lower panel, which makes the cooking process easier and more comfortable. of food, without having to light a flame or turn on the gas.

Size and number of burners 

This Balay alternative is usually considered by many users as the best induction hob on the market because it has a large cooking surface that allows you to speed up time in the kitchen, as well as prepare different gastronomic dishes at the same time. 

This is due to the fact that it has been equipped with a large 60 cm wide surface and a total of three induction zones, also known as burners or cooking zones. In this sense, each of these areas has been designed for different functions, so they have varied dimensions. In this way, the recommended cooking zone for low heat is the smallest of the three and the diameter of the burner is 14.5 cm. This is followed by the regular cooking zone for medium heat power, with a burner surface diameter of 21 cm. Finally, the largest area for fast cooking with powerful heat, designed for large pots, has a diameter of 28 cm.

This difference in the cooking zones allows the user to prepare meals in a premeditated way and according to the set of pots that he has at home. For example, the heat required to boil water in a large pot is not the same as cooking rice in a small amount. In this way, each pot has a burner that fits or approximates its size.

On the other hand, this induction hob has specific measurements of 59.2 cm long, 52.2 cm wide and 5.1 cm high, being relatively compact and functional to place in small spaces. In relation to its weight, it is considered a light induction hob, because its weight does not exceed 11 kilos.

Functions and programming

Induction plates in general have a cheaper cost than large kitchens and this alternative from the manufacturer Balay stands out for having a competitive price, if its functions, both basic and advanced, are analyzed. 

This model is modern and technological. For this reason, the manufacturer has equipped this induction hob with a touch control panel that facilitates its use through buttons that, just by touching, will begin to execute the intended action in a matter of seconds.

According to the opinions of a large number of users, the Balay 3EB865FR hob has useful functions that simplify cooking through mechanisms ranging from automatic start to memory. This alternative is an option that has been enabled to provide the ease of cooking with various zones and power levels, in addition to the fact that when the hob is turned on, it will remember said configuration. 

Similarly, it is also equipped with a practical alarm function that can be programmed according to the needs or desired reminders. In this way, the panel is capable of emitting a sound alert at the time indicated by the user, either for a reminder regarding the kitchen or another activity. In addition, the board also has an automatic button lock function, which prevents functions or powers from being activated unexpectedly by accidental touches. 

On the other hand, this Balay induction hob has been equipped with a programming and timer function, in order to have better control of what is being cooked and thus prevent gastronomic preparations from burning during cooking, but instead, due to the Otherwise, they are al dente, at their point and juicy. With this function, the hob will turn off automatically at the time indicated on the timer. It also has European quality certification.

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