Reviews of Balay 3ETG663HB

Main advantage:

It is one of the most efficient and reliable gas hobs of the moment. It has two gas burners and an XL size wok burner that incorporates a double ring. In addition, it has a self-ignition system and GasStop technology.

Main disadvantage:

This hob has wrought iron burners that should be cleaned after each use, as the material tends to be porous and absorb dirt easily.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It stands out for being a model that combines the traditional with the modern. It offers great features and gives your kitchen a touch of distinction and elegance.

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Main Features Explained

functional design

If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant gas hob, but which at the same time retains a traditional style, this could be the model that meets your expectations. Its individual burners are made of high quality and robust wrought iron, which offer optimal stability to any container you put on them.

Likewise, it has a heat-resistant tempered glass surface that provides a touch of distinction, while facilitating cleaning. In addition to offering an elegant design, it is a model that provides efficiency and durability; Qualities appreciated according to the opinions of users who are looking for the best gas hob for their kitchen.

Its dimensions are 59.6 x 52.6 x 4.5 cm and thanks to its weight of 13 kg, its assembly does not require great efforts. Additionally, it offers intuitive handling and precise control of the fire, since you can easily regulate the intensity of the flame when cooking. To do this, it has nine levels in each of its controls, which allows you to maintain adequate control of the flame, to adapt it according to the recipe you are preparing.

safety and comfort

Over time, the gas hobs market has evolved to offer reliable and easy-to-use products; Regardless of model or user. For this reason, the Balay 3ETG663HB is a worktop that, in addition to being robust and elegant, is also safe. It is designed to work with butane gas, without this representing a risk to your home.

Balay has included in this model a modern technology that provides security at all times. This is Gas Stop, an innovation that automatically detects the absence of the flame in the event of it accidentally going out due to an outside air current and, to prevent accidents, it immediately shuts off the gas flow.

In addition to this and for greater comfort, it offers self-ignition integrated in the control, which makes the hob a safe and easy-to-use hob. With the push of a button the hob turns on; which avoids the use of matches and other devices used to light. To be able to enjoy this electric ignition, it is necessary to connect the hob to a 220 V power supply.

On the other hand, Balay is a manufacturer that competes in the market by offering gas hobs at an affordable price, compared to other similar models. Likewise, with the purchase you will receive a complete user manual with instructions in several languages ​​on the correct use of the hob.

Efficiency and maintenance

It is an efficient hob that offers you two conventional gas burners and a larger double-flame wok burner. Thanks to this powerful wok burner, you can easily cook certain types of food, such as grilled meat. Likewise, it also allows you to cook recipes that require very low intensity in a quick and easy way; like a chocolate sauce.

Regarding the maintenance of this gas hob, the manufacturer recommends cleaning it carefully after each use once the burners have cooled down. In this way, drops of fat, liquids or food residues that may have splashed during cooking could be prevented from impregnating the surface and being more difficult to remove.

In addition, it is not advisable to use the dishwasher to clean the components of the burners and the use of steel sponges on their surface should be avoided; as well as knives or metal pallets that could deteriorate the state of its structure. It is also recommended to take care of the burner slots so that they do not become clogged and that the flame is adequate when cooking.

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