Reviews of Balay 3HB4841x1

Main advantage:

It includes an additional oven maintenance option called Aqualisis, which by simply placing water and liquid soap on the base of the oven allows automatic cleaning in just 4 minutes. After the process, you just have to gently sponge the inner walls.

Main disadvantage:

It is possible that the oven gives off a particular odor when it is completely new, therefore it is recommended to turn it on for a few minutes and do a little cleaning so that the food does not absorb these odors the first time.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is one of the best electric ovens today, since it has a maximum power of 4800 W to reach 500 °C in its pyrolytic function, however, it has a price adjusted to its features.

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Main Features Explained


Cleaning the oven was a big problem in the past, which is why the Balay 3HB4841X1 has been equipped with pyrolysis technology, which allows you to reduce the time spent on maintenance to a minimum so that you can use it for other, more productive activities. This system consists of increasing the temperature to a maximum of 500 °C, turning the organic remains of the recipes into ashes and at the same time eliminating any type of bacteria and germs accumulated on the walls of the cavity. 

Safety is essential when dealing with very high temperatures, but in this case the pyrolysis process does not require you to remove the tray from the oven, in this way, you do not have to make greater efforts or take risks when cleaning, so gives you peace of mind. You only have to select between three different levels depending on the amount of dirt and how stuck it may be to the inner walls of the oven. As if that were not enough, the door maintains a cold touch.

Another cleaning method that you can use is Aqualysis, which consists of steam cleaning. All you have to do is remove all the accessories, place a small amount of dish soap and water on the inner base of the oven, select the program and adjust the temperature to 270 ° C, as well as set a time of 4 minutes. When finished, you just have to clean the remains gently with a sponge.

Both pyrolysis and Aqualysis are cleaning methods that make the use of this oven more comfortable, but at the same time they are environmentally friendly processes, since you will not have to use strong chemicals to remove the fat and these methods can be carried out in a very short time for a lower cost of electricity, therefore, in the long run it will not affect the amount of your electricity bill, for this reason, it is considered the best pyrolytic oven according to the opinions of some users.

Power and features

One of the features that stands out about this product is its power of 3600 W when it is used as an oven, reaching a temperature between 30 and 275 °C, adjustable by means of its built-in thermostat. However, in the pyrolysis function it has a power of 4800 W, since it is necessary to reach higher temperatures.

Among its benefits, the Auto Chef function stands out, which allows you to carry out 10 preprogrammed cooking modes especially for Spanish cuisine recipes, such as aubergines au gratin, paella, sea bream in salt, puff pastry loin, chicken with escalibada vegetables, empanada, hake and cheesecake. In addition, it has an option to prepare pizza easily and quickly, making it one of the most versatile pyrolytic ovens today.

This is a way of preparing traditional dishes with a more professional finish, since the food is left at its exact point and you do not have to turn it during the cooking process or add additional ingredients. The first thing you should do is select the Auto function Chef, after choosing the recipe, define the weight of the ingredients. The oven will take care of calculating the correct heating mode and preparation time.

For the more traditional palates, this model offers the Wood Oven function, which generates more intense heat at the base, wrapping food to prepare certain recipes with dough, such as bread, puff pastry and focaccia, evoking those old flavors of all the life, all this without ceasing to be simple and comfortable for the user.

You will have the possibility to select if you want top or bottom heat, as well as the Turbo Grill function, which is very useful for grilling large portions of red meat, such as whole chickens and turkeys, since it distributes the heat throughout all the corners inside the oven, providing uniform cooking, for this reason, you will not have raw parts and others burned as it happened with some old appliances.


The design of this model gives it a dynamic look, but without detracting from its elegance. In addition, it has a timeless aesthetic and has been made of steel, so it combines with any decoration, while providing great strength and durability. Its two rotary buttons at the top stand out, which are complemented by a touch screen that allows very simple operation, being useful for professionals and beginners.

It includes rails called Comfort, which allow you to insert the trays quickly and comfortably. These elements have a brake system so they remain fixed and parallel, even when the tray collides with one of them. Thanks to this mechanism, the use of the device is much safer.

It is designed to fit and measures 59.4 x 54.8 x 59.5 cm, so you should take this feature into account before making the purchase. In addition, it weighs 38.3 kg, which means that its installation is complex and requires the help of another person to move the oven from one space to another. However, it has a hinged door system so you can adapt it to any kitchen regardless of the height you need.

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