Reviews of Balay 3WMX1918

Main advantage:

Simplicity and ease of use are its main attributes, since it is a microwave with mechanical operation; since it has only two rotary knobs that allow you to adjust the power and time for each recipe.

Main disadvantage:

Some electronic detail is missing, such as a digital clock screen. However, it is something that does not detract from the performance offered by this team.


Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a microwave that enjoys good value for money, which is why many satisfied buyers on the web consider it a smart purchase.

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Main Features Explained

aesthetic component

Built- in microwaves offer great advantages due to their design, since they can be easily mounted on a heating column; what today is a trend in modern and sophisticated kitchens. In this sense, the Balay 3WMX1918 is a model with an integrable format that not only provides its functional character, but also an aesthetic component to any culinary environment.

Unlike free-standing microwaves, which require extra counter space, this model allows you to better organize your appliances and make the most of the space in your kitchen; coordinating comfort when using them. Likewise, if you do not have a heat column you can install it on a tall piece of furniture; the important thing is that the equipment is mounted at a convenient height that allows easy access.

It is a piece of equipment belonging to the Balay Steel series, so it has a silver color and a modern and timeless aesthetic. In addition, stainless steel is a material that not only favors cleaning, but also remains valid over time as one of the most resistant. On the other hand, its left side opening favors the introduction of food inside.

Intuitive handling and assembly

Compared to models with touch controls that could be complicated for some users, this microwave offers you easy handling; since it has a mechanical operation. For this reason, the opinions of the buyers position it as one of the easiest models to use, even for inexperienced people. For this reason, it could be the best built-in microwave for any user.

It is a simple, understandable, practical and intuitive equipment. Its control panel consists of two buttons that turn easily, with which you can set both the power and the cooking or heating time. Also, the door opens with the push of a button. In addition, it is a device equipped with a power of 800 watts, so you can prepare your food in a short time and has up to 5 adjustable levels according to the recipe. All controllable in a simple way.

With regard to its assembly, it is important to consider the dimensions of the device when carrying out its installation; either in the heat column or in a tall cabinet. In this sense, the equipment has the following measurements: 28 cm high, 45.3 cm wide and 32 cm deep and its weight is 14 kilos. Likewise, it has a frame to embed that measures 60 cm wide and that provides an aesthetic component to the microwave; this measure should also be considered at the time of assembly.

functional design 

In addition to intuitive operation and an attractive appearance, this microwave also offers you great advantages in terms of functionality. To do this, it gives you a capacity of 17 liters and a turntable with a diameter of 24.5 cm; This allows you to comfortably insert food containers of various sizes.

It is an equipment designed to efficiently heat and cook any dish. Likewise, it offers you the defrost function taking into account the weight of the food; which allows you to save time in the kitchen. It also has a power cable that has a length of 130 cm, which makes it easy to plug it into the nearest outlet.

In relation to its interior, it is enameled in white, so that you can easily clean any spills or food that has accidentally fallen. Similarly, thanks to the fact that it has stainless steel on the outside, you can always keep it shiny and free of stains. In addition, it is a microwave that combines perfectly with the rest of the appliances, be it hoods, plates or refrigerators.

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