Reviews of Bosch Bch6zoo Zooo Proanimal

Main advantage:

The design of the motorized brush can suck up your pet’s hair, because it adheres to different surfaces such as carpets, rugs, sofas, beds and in any space where your pet poses, with optimal performance thanks to SmartSensor technology. 

Main disadvantage:

This model does not convert to a handheld vacuum. However, with the included shoulder strap and hose you can vacuum in the car and other tight spaces.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a vertical, light and compact vacuum cleaner, with three power levels to adjust to the dirt on surfaces and offer maximum cleaning performance.

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Main Features Explained

Bosch Technologies

Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners have positioned themselves in the market for the technology included in their design, which simplifies their use and optimizes performance in cleaning tasks.

In the case of the BCH6ZOOO model, there is the SmartSensor Control that offers the best results, because it remains active to evaluate the performance of the appliance. For its part, the sensor light turns on when it is necessary to clean the filter. In this way, corrective maintenance is applied and the optimal operation of the vacuum cleaner is ensured.

Likewise, Bosch Lithium technology provides a long-lasting battery and short charging times in this equipment, just as it does in Bosch tools, to maintain good operation without memory effect. 

All these qualities, added to the compact and vertical design of the Bosch Zoo’o ProAnimal, position it as one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners, especially since it allows its 400-watt power to be regulated on three levels. The first of them is ideal for a general cleaning of the house and a maximum duration. Level two offers a medium duration, but a high performance in a regular vacuum. Finally, level three is used for more demanding tasks that need maximum vacuum power, therefore, the battery life is shorter.

accessory kit

The accessories that are included with this equipment allow you to make the most of its power, increasing its usefulness for daily cleaning tasks, without excessively increasing the price of the vacuum cleaner. 

The most outstanding of them is the All Floor High Power motorized brush, which rotates at 5,000 rpm, designed for spaces where pets shed hair daily, an aspect that also favors families with several women, since we know that every day the trace of female hair on the floor is practically unavoidable. This brush has two types of bristles that increase its adherence on different surfaces to collect all types of residue, including pet hair. 

On the other hand, there are the Athlet accessories made up of the flexible hose, the adjustable strap and the short handle, in addition to the joint and upholstery nozzle, which facilitate the vacuuming of sofas, curtains and other places that are high or difficult to access, also favoring the cleaning of the car, according to the opinions of its users.

If you think that these elements need a lot of storage space plus the vacuum cleaner, we clarify that it is a wrong idea, because the accessories are compact and you can store them in an organizer box or in a place inside the closet. As for the vacuum cleaner, its vertical design allows it to stand up in any corner, since it barely measures 24 x 24 x 73 cm.

Autonomy and maintenance

To talk about the battery life, you should know that at power level 1 you can use the vacuum cleaner for up to an hour, maintaining high performance. 

Progressively, this time decreases with the increase in power. But, you do not have to worry because for general or deep cleaning the vacuum cleaner will respond efficiently. 

Now, for its power you can charge it for 3 hours for 80% of the battery and with about 6 hours for a full charge. The positive thing about it is that the battery has no memory effect, so with little or a lot of charge its performance will be optimal, adapting to the level of dirt and the type of surface to be vacuumed. 

Another positively valued feature of this product is that it does not use bags in the tank, but rather it is a 0.9 liter capacity compartment that is easily emptied. To clean the brush, it is also a simple process, you just have to remove the roller and remove the residue on the bristles. All this without the need to use tools thanks to the Easy Clean system.

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