Reviews of Bosch HBG673BS1F

Main advantage:

This oven reaches a maximum temperature of 480ºC in its pyrolytic function, so it is capable of converting any leftover food into ashes to facilitate the cleaning process, in this way, you will not have to use strong detergents, since you only have to spend a damp cloth.

Main disadvantage:

Although its operation is very simple and comfortable, the product does not include telescopic guides to insert and remove food more easily, however, you can purchase them as separate accessories, making a small additional investment.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the most outstanding options at the moment, since it offers very good results when baking food without consuming too much electricity, since its energy efficiency is type A+.

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Main Features Explained


Although all pyrolytic ovens have in common that they can reach very high temperatures, the Bosch HBG673BS1F has more options that allow different foods to be cooked more easily and with good results. For this reason, it’s worth checking out its additional features to find out if it’s the one for you.

It is considered the best pyrolytic oven according to the opinions of many users. It has 10 cooking functions, among which the Eco Mode stands out, highly recommended for simple recipes in meetings with several guests, since it offers hot air to cook a large amount of food at a certain level, therefore, you spend less energy when cooking. perform the process only once.

You can choose only the top heat if you want to obtain gratin foods and other special recipes. It is also possible to use only the lower heat to make some desserts and savory dishes. On the other hand, the Grill mode is of great help for the correct cooking of meats and can be used in a traditional way or with hot air to improve the roast.

The pizza function allows you to maintain the necessary temperature so that a thin dough can be optimally baked in the shortest possible time. In addition, it has the defrost function, which offers a specific temperature to speed up the defrosting of food without affecting its composition and nutrients too much. For its part, the Sprint function allows you to preheat the oven quickly so you don’t waste much time.

Another advantage of this oven is that it includes 10 pre-configured recipes, in this way you can make gourmet dishes with the least possible effort, since you only have to define the type of food and its weight so that the device does all the work automatically. This is a quick way to work out a special meal if you haven’t had much time to learn a new preparation. As if that were not enough, it incorporates a programmable electronic clock to set the start and stop cooking automatically.


This feature can greatly influence the price of an electric oven, but it can also considerably improve the performance of the appliance in general. In this sense, this model has professional 4D heating technology, which provides better cooking thanks to a fan that distributes the heat correctly throughout the oven cavity, so you can cook on all 4 levels simultaneously.

This system allows you to make several dishes at the same time to speed up the work, as well as cook more food, without there being any difference between those you have placed on level 1 and those on level 4. It also allows the result to be more professional thanks to a more uniform baking of food, without burned and raw parts as it happens with some old ovens.

Regarding the pyrolytic function, this model reaches 480 °C, so that it is capable of reducing to ashes all the food residues that usually remain on the internal walls of the oven. This means that no special plug-in is necessary to perform the cleaning, but simply select this function and press the Start button. At the end of the process, you just have to pass a damp cloth to gently remove the ashes. This is a great advantage because in the past oven maintenance has always been an activity not desired by users, among other reasons due to contact with dirt and the use of very strong degreasers.

Another of the fundamental elements of this type of appliance is the motor, which is why the Bosch brand has designed the EcoSilence Drive technology, which allows brushless fan operation, since these parts are the ones that are most often damaged in conventional ovens. This system is quieter and more efficient than others, however, it has a power of 3650 W.


The first thing to point out regarding the design is that it is a built-in oven, so it is very important to consult the instructions contained in the installation manual, emphasizing the measurements of the appliance. This oven is made of stainless steel, a robust and durable material that resists corrosion. It has dimensions of 59.5 x 54.8 x 59.5 cm, so it does not take up too much space in the kitchen, however, it offers a capacity of 71 liters.

Thanks to the SoftMove hinged opening, you can open and close the oven without damaging it, because it offers a damping system on the door that extends its useful life. Among the accessories it includes a flat and a deep tray, as well as a professional grill, for this reason, you can use it immediately after installation, without having to buy additional elements. 

In the upper front part it has a TFT touch screen, which works as a control panel and has clear symbols to select the different functions in a simple way. In addition, at all times you can know what the internal temperature of the oven is, allowing greater accuracy for the most complex recipes. The interior of the oven has a halogen lighting system, which allows you to clearly see the food through the glass without having to open the door, in this way, you do not interrupt cooking at any time, allowing more precise results and food with a better appearance..

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