Reviews of Bosch Kan90vi30

Main advantage:

It is one of the American refrigerators that offers stainless steel finishes with anti-fingerprint treatment, a valued quality for its maintenance. Also, thanks to the “Super” Freezing technology, you can lower the temperature quickly when you need to freeze food for a long time.

Main disadvantage:

A dispenser that provides ice and fresh water is missing. However, it is a refrigerator that fully fulfills all its functions, offering high performance and efficiency.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This model could steal the spotlight in your kitchen, since in addition to its advantages and features it also offers a touch of elegance to this space.

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Main Features Explained

economical and elegant

If you are looking for the best American refrigerators, the Bosch KAN90VI30 could be a good option, since it not only offers you great advantages, but also has the backing of a prestigious brand; so there are many positive opinions that recommend it. Among its outstanding advantages we have that it is a refrigerator that favors savings.

Since refrigerators are household appliances that need to be connected to the network day and night, 365 days a year, it is essential that they provide you with energy savings. In this sense, this Bosch model has the A++ energy efficiency label, which translates into 20% more energy savings when compared to an A+ class refrigerator.

As for its finishes, we have that it is a device that has an elegant stainless steel exterior; which has a special coating with anti-fingerprint treatment, which maintains the shine of the steel. This coating not only protects its surface from any scratches, but also facilitates cleaning.

Likewise, it is an appliance that integrates a TouchControl display in its door, which reports the temperature in a simple way and also integrates an acoustic alarm that alerts when the door has been left open.

efficient and functional

It is an appliance equipped with functions and features that make your life easier. For example, the “Super” Cooling function is a technological advance that allows you to keep the cold constant. It is especially useful before going shopping, since you can prepare the refrigerator by lowering the temperature; In this way, you can store food hot or at room temperature and keep it in optimal conditions.

It also has Fresh Sense sensors that constantly monitor and control the room, fridge and freezer temperatures. As a result, a uniform temperature is obtained inside the refrigerator, regardless of the temperature outside.

Likewise, it is an American refrigerator that has multiple air outlets located on the rear interior wall of the equipment. Thanks to this, temperature fluctuations are reduced and cooling times are minimized, in order to improve food preservation.

On the other hand, it has the “Super” Freezing function, a plus that gives you special freezing and with more power. You can use it especially when you put a large amount of food in the freezer and that need to be kept for long periods of time. Once the refrigerator reaches the required temperature, it resumes normal operation.

In addition, thanks to its efficient system of LED lights, which offer long life, you will be able to see the entire interior without any problem; while enjoying clear, cold lighting with minimal consumption.

Capacity and organization

If you have a large family; Regardless of the price, it is important that you get a refrigerator that gives you a large capacity. With this in mind, Bosch has designed this model with dimensions of 177 cm high x 91 cm wide and 72 cm deep (without handle), suitable measurements for most kitchens.

Likewise, it has a net capacity of up to 573 liters; so it offers you a useful capacity for the freezer of 200 liters, while the refrigerator has 373 liters. By this, you will be able to organize your food in an efficient way.

It includes a transparent MultiBox drawer with a corrugated base, which is ideal for preserving vegetables and fruits in perfect condition. Likewise, its trays are made of tempered glass and with easy access to food.

Likewise, the refrigerator door has 5 shelves and a special compartment for delicate products; while in the freezer door you have extra storage space, thanks to its 5 shelves.

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