Reviews of Bosch Pkk651FP2E

Main advantage:

This model manufactured by Bosch has sophisticated advances and renewed features; among them, its intuitive handling control panel equipped with DirectSelect technology stands out. You can also control the amount of energy used, through the new “My Consumption” function.

Main disadvantage:

Although its price is not exactly one of the cheapest on the market, the opinions of the majority agree that it is a worthwhile model, given its quality and high performance.


Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a modern, efficient, easy-to-assemble glass-ceramic hob and also has the support of a leading brand; For this reason, it has an excellent reputation on the web.

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Main Features Explained


Elegant design and security

Enjoy the benefits of cooking your most exquisite recipes with an innovative appliance that offers you a modern design and all the necessary functions to make preparing your meals a relaxing and pleasant moment. We present the Bosch Series 6 PKK651FP2E, a ceramic hob made with black beveled glass finishes, a quality that gives it a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

Its dimensions are 59.2 x 52.2 x 4.5 cm, a size that favors fitting in the kitchen, since it adapts to the standard measurements of these appliances. As for power, this plate must be used connected to an electrical source with a voltage of 220/240 volts and is capable of reaching a power of up to 2000 watts; which ensures speed at the time of cooking.

To provide security, it has a sensor that automatically disconnects it after having spent some time in inactivity, an aspect that prevents accidents in case you forget to turn it off. Likewise, it has a state-of-the-art locking system, which resists accidental, improper manipulation or the curious hands of the little ones at home.

It also includes a residual heat indicator, which helps prevent burns and achieve significant energy savings. In addition, it has the Powermanager function, a safety function that protects the electrical installation of the home in the event of an overload.

efficient and modern

It is one of the most complete glass-ceramic hobs in its category, since it is equipped with the Sprint function that offers you the heating of large quantities of water and other liquids in a time of up to 20% faster than when using the maximum level of power; which helps you with energy savings.

It also offers you the Power Boost function, which allows you to expand the diameter of the burner according to the size of the container. To use this function on the double cooking zone of the hob, you need to turn on the second heating circle on the control panel.

Likewise, it has the Clean function; a new and valued feature of this hob, especially in cases of accidental spills while cooking. To do this, you only have to block the control panel for 30 seconds while the hob is on, during this time you can quickly (and safely) collect and clean any liquid or solid waste that you have spilled on the surface.

In addition to all this accumulation of advantages and functions, it also has the innovative “My Consumption” function, which allows you to know and keep track of the energy consumption of the hob once cooking is finished.

Easy handling and brand

It is an appliance that you can use easily, thanks to the DirectSelect function that offers you an intuitive handling of its control panel. There you can select any of its functions, such as the burner to use and the power level according to the food. To do this, this plate is equipped with 17 power levels that cook your food efficiently and in a short time; In addition, thanks to the optimal distribution of heat throughout the cooking area, you can use any type of kitchenware.

It is a plate that enjoys the support of the Bosch brand, a German company with a long history in the household appliance market. It is internationally recognized for the high quality of its products, since its mission is to manufacture efficient and resistant devices and equipment; for which it uses high-end materials and advanced technology, which provide a long useful life.

For more than a century, Bosch has contributed to improving the lives of millions of people around the world, offering a wide variety of devices that make housework easier. In this sense, Bosch glass-ceramic hobs are characterized by being reliable and modern equipment, since they have new technologies that position them among the best glass-ceramic hobs on the market.

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