Reviews of Bosch SMS68II07E

Main advantage: 

One aspect to highlight in this model has been the incorporation of a motor with EcoSilence technology, which, due to not incorporating brushes, achieves much quieter operation. In addition, it offers a fairly low energy consumption that takes care of the environment.

Main disadvantage: 

If you are looking for a dishwasher that you can integrate into the built-in kitchen, then this model is not the one, since it is a free-installation product.

Verdict: 9.9/10

With this dishwasher you will achieve low water and energy consumption, as well as several automated work modes, which with the help of a sensor offer proper operation.

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Main Features Explained

Motor and electrical efficiency

In general, at home we usually have several appliances such as a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, among others. As several of them are in operation, the sound decibels increase, becoming a distracting focus. In this sense, when purchasing any of these products, in addition to the price, it is very important to look at the level of noise generated by the motor after it has been started, trying to keep it as low as possible.

In this sense, SMS68II07E is a dishwasher that has been equipped with an EcoSilence motor. This means that it does not incorporate the usual characteristic brushes of conventional motors and, therefore, the internal friction is reduced almost completely. In addition, a complete insulation and damping system is attached, which aims to improve the performance of the device. Thus, the dishwasher manages to generate a maximum of 46 decibels of sound, becoming an appliance so silent that it could definitely go unnoticed in the home.

On the other hand, the low electrical consumption of this dishwasher should be noted, which has been favored by the optimal operation of the motor. For this reason, it was labeled as a product with a type A+++ energy classification. This means that the dishwasher carries out its work consuming around 50% less than the usual standards, being considered as a very efficient equipment, according to the assessment scales by which the manufacturers are governed.

These are just some of the reasons why this model from the Bosch house has been recommended when wondering which is the best dishwasher, pleasantly positioning itself in the household appliance market since it was introduced to the market. In addition, when reviewing the different purchase portals, you will find positive opinions, where users praise how silent it is; Likewise, they value the fact that they can use it daily without affecting their monthly electricity bill.

Manufacturing and format

The raw material used to manufacture any product is a factor that will determine its strength and durability, so it is important to keep an eye on its quality level. With regard to household appliances, there are many whose operation requires them to be in direct contact with water, which is the case of dishwashers. In this sense, brands make use of materials with special characteristics that counteract the damaging effects of moisture such as corrosion on metals.

In the specific case of the Bosch house, we have that it is characterized by using a series of duly treated metals or alloys in all its equipment, thus avoiding deterioration due to oxidation. An example of this is the SMS68II07E model, belonging to the purchase catalog of said brand and one of the favorites of buyers. Its rectangular body has been built with sheets of robust and polished stainless steel. In addition, there are the baskets in the upper area in which the crockery and other utensils are placed, which was made of chromed aluminum.

On the other hand, the issue of format stands out. Remember that dishwashers are usually medium or large-sized equipment, so you will need to compare the dimensions of the structure with respect to the space you have set aside for assembly. Thus, you will avoid any future setbacks when you are forced to carry out some construction work to be able to integrate the dishwasher into the built-in kitchen.

Focusing on this Bosch model, we have that it is a dishwasher with a structure of height, width, depth corresponding to 84.5 x 60 x 55 centimeters. In addition, we cannot overlook its weight of 52 kilograms, since after all, this is a feature that will influence when mobilizing the equipment.

working modes

Bosch SMS68II07E is a dishwasher that incorporates a fairly extensive programming menu, which will allow you to intuitively select the working mode that best suits you through the upper control panel. In it, the working time of each cycle is highlighted based on the dirtiness of the dishes, the temperature level of the water and its consumption.

For example, when you start this dishwasher you can activate the “AquaSensor” mode, a technology that uses a sensor responsible for detecting dirt, automatically adjusting both the amount of water used and its temperature. In this sense, the regulation carried out by the equipment will depend on the volume of residues, grease or detergent present in the utensils, crockery and in the water.

Another function that will surely interest you is related to cleaning the glasses, glasses or any other piece of glass that you put in the dishwasher. Thus, the “Cups Program” offers the possibility for you to enjoy impeccable glassware, without a single stain and with greater shine. To make this possible, the programmed mode will lower the water temperature at the same time as the rinse aid temperature. In addition, it increases the drying time, making the glass look like it was brand new.

The “Deferred End” is a very attractive option for buyers, since it allows you to decide the exact moment in which you want the end of the washing cycle. In this way, when you start the dishwasher you will be able to see the countdown of the time scheduled for washing, through the LCD screen located next to the control panel. The purpose of pressing this button is to be able to preselect whether you want the cycle to end while you get ready to leave home in the morning, when you arrive from your workday or at any other time of the day that you find convenient.

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