Reviews of Monix Quick

Main advantage:

This pot has two pressure levels to choose the most appropriate, depending on the type of food or the cooking time you need. At level 1 the pressure is 60 kPa, while at level 2 it reaches a pressure of 100 kPa, which translates into faster food cooking. 

Main disadvantage:

The instruction manual could be clearer, since it does not explain in depth the operation of the pressure cooker, according to some user’s opinion. However, there are more explicit video tutorials on the Internet. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a pot with two pressure levels and a very useful depressurization function, whose cooking time is faster than other conventional pots. 

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Main Features Explained

pressure and construction

When looking for pressure cookers, many times we do not know the level that they reach. However, most of these utensils have two types of pressure: low pressure and high pressure. The former is generally between 40 and 55 kPa, while the latter ranges from 90 to 100 kPa.

In the case of the Monix Quick pressure cooker, we have a fast pressure cooker that reaches 60 kPa at level I, surpassing conventional models in time. For its part, the 100 kPa of the second level reaches more than 120°C, which allows faster cooking of food, simultaneously favoring time and energy savings.

Regarding the construction of this pot, we must mention that the triple and forged diffuser bottom contributes to the uniform distribution of heat, while the 5.3 mm thickness of the body, made of high quality stainless steel, increases its resistance and durability.

All these aspects make this model one of the best pressure cookers, since it is fast, durable and has the support of the Monix brand, which has been on the market for more than 5 decades, being a benchmark in the kitchenware category. and kitchen utensils.

Functionality and handling

Considering the variety of stoves that are used today, Monix Quick is suitable for electric, gas, glass-ceramic and induction stoves, without compromising cooking time, since the heat is distributed evenly by the triple bottom design. 

Now, with regard to capacity, you can choose between the 4, 6 or 7-liter pot offered by Monix with the intention of efficiently responding to families with few or several members in preparing delicious recipes to save time. Similarly, users highlight the good relationship between the price and quality of these pots, so in their opinions we can find very positive evaluations that support the purchase of said kitchenware.

Regarding the handling of this pot, it is worth mentioning that it has a bayonet system with which the opening is very simple, since it has a lock on the lid, to close or open the pot, it also incorporates a red pressure indicator button. Regarding these elements, it is important to know that the handles and knobs can be replaced, so if they deteriorate, you can contact the Monix service to acquire the spare parts.

Regarding the noise, some users think that it is quite silent, compared to conventional pots, where the steam output is heard with force. 

Uses and cleaning

There is no doubt that having a pressure cooker like the Monix Quick is a great purchase for any family, whether large or small, since its countless benefits can be used to have a healthy diet, since fast cooking allows you to maintain a greater amount of nutrients and vitamins from food. 

On the other hand, saving time today is an aspect that many value, since it is difficult to spend several hours in the kitchen to prepare stews, dishes and special recipes, so the Monix Quick pressure cooker streamlines this entire process so that you can dedicate more time with the family and do not stop pampering them with the best homemade food.

Regarding the cleaning of this pot, the body can be washed in the dishwasher, since it is made of stainless steel, while the lid can be washed normally in the dishwasher, in addition to the fact that the surface of the pot is not easily stained with steam, which keeps the utensil looking good. 

In short, having a Monix Quick pressure cooker represents a good investment, so be sure to review the various recipes you can make with this product and evaluate its usefulness in your home. 

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