Reviews of Mooinex Home Baguette

Main advantage:

Something to highlight about this tool is its power and its 16 default programs. To do this, it has 1650W that offer you efficiency and speed; likewise, its programs favor the preparation of a wide variety of culinary options.

Main disadvantage:

In some specific cases, the mixing blades have not been easy to mount inside the equipment. However, these accessories have a specific design, so you will have to match them to make them fit perfectly.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the best-selling and best-valued bread makers on the net, which is why many satisfied users consider it an excellent purchase option.

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Main Features Explained 


Nothing better than starting the day with a breakfast that includes delicious, freshly prepared, soft and nutritious bread. For this, you don’t need to buy it in the store, nor be an expert baker, since you now have bread makers, an appliance that makes it easy to make bread at home and thus please your family every day.

The Moulinex Home Baguette is one of the best bread makers of the moment and this is backed by their opinions, provided by hundreds of satisfied online buyers. It is one of the most powerful models on the market, for which it has a 1650W motor, which gives you speed and efficiency.

Likewise, it is a fully automatic tool, easy to use, safe and with a wide variety of programs for you to prepare bread or any of the recipes compatible with the equipment. Not forgetting to mention that it has up to 3 speeds or toasting levels (light, medium and dark) and is capable of preparing large loaves.

Also, in order to make your life easier and save you time and effort, this bread maker has a timed start function. This function offers you an adjustable advance time of up to 15 hours, to have warm and freshly baked bread not only when you get up in the morning, but also when you return home from work. In addition, the machine can keep your food warm for an hour, so you can enjoy a freshly prepared meal.

On the other hand, you will be able to make different sizes of bread, from 750, 1000 and you will even have the option of preparing loaves of up to 1500 g. In addition to this, in case of a power cut, this kitchen tool can keep the programming for 7 minutes; once power is restored, the cycle will continue where it left off. After this time, the programming is lost.


The Moulinex bread maker is equipped with 13 automatic programs that favor the preparation of different types of dough and bread; additionally, thanks to its accessories and 3 special programs, you can also prepare delicious golden and crispy baguettes. You only have to add the ingredients that correspond to each recipe, select the program and the rest is done by the machine for you.

Thanks to its versatility and with a touch of creativity, you can prepare a wide variety of recipes for all tastes. Next, we present its 16 programs. 

The baguette program allows you to make your own baguettes, through a process that takes place in two stages. It also offers the Baking baguette program from a dough ready in advance and the Sweet Baguette which turns out to be the one for sugary rolls.

On the other hand, there are programs to prepare French bread, wholemeal bread, sweet bread, quick bread, gluten-free bread and basic bread; which is made from wheat flour. Likewise, the Omega 3 program allows you to make rich breads based on this ingredient and is indicated in the case of special diets.

Dough for bread is the ideal program for kneading and rising dough, for example to make pizza dough and in the case of people with risks of high blood pressure, the Bread without salt program is of great help to maintain a healthy diet..

Additionally, you will have the Baking function for sliced ​​bread, which is the program that allows you to select cooking periods from 10 to 70 minutes, in order to make bread with dark, medium or light gold.

The Biscuit function is ideal for preparing cakes and sweets and the Dough function for fresh pasta allows kneading for recipes such as pasta dough; just like noodles. The Jam program, for its part, favors the automatic preparation of this recipe.

design and accessories

Thanks to this useful culinary tool, you will be able to prepare endless delicious dishes to brighten up the snacks, breakfasts or dinners of your loved ones. In addition to being a versatile and functional machine, it also has an attractive design that makes it look good in any kitchen.

Its casing is made of resistant plastic, free of PBA and in white and its dimensions make it easy to handle, since it only weighs 998 g and measures 48.8 x 30.6 x 38 cm, so it is also a practical model. and easy to store in any kitchen space.

It has a large bucket made of non-stick material, which gives you optimal results when preparing your recipes; while favoring its cleaning. It also has two blades that offer high performance when kneading, which rotate in opposite directions in order to achieve a homogeneous mixture of the bread dough or the recipe you are preparing.

With the purchase of the breadmaker you will additionally receive a set of very useful accessories, for example, two non-stick trays specially designed to prepare baguettes, with their respective cooking supports. For this, you can quickly prepare up to 8 mini baguettes in two batches and pamper your family.

Likewise, you will get two kneading blades, a practical brush, a pastry shovel and a cookbook with 45 pastry recipes. In addition, it is a product that has a good price-value ratio.

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