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Main advantage:

In addition to being a rice cooker, it is also a steam cooker with which you can prepare the healthiest meals. It has a magnificent capacity of 1.8 liters, which will allow you to cook for up to 10 guests at the same time.

Main disadvantage:

You must remember that it is a special pot and as such you have to use the measures recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you will often have sticky or burnt rice. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

The size and 700W power of this rice cooker – steamer make it the ideal appliance to prepare a large amount of rice and vegetables at the same time.

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Main Features Explained

Dual function 

Its possibility of use for two functions makes it the best rice cooker and steamer you can find. The opinions of its users describe how this pot lets the rice cook to its optimum point, just as they like the way it steams pieces of meat, chicken and fish that are exquisitely juicy. 

You should never attempt to cook directly on the body of this appliance. For both types of cooking, it comes with its appropriate implements. When you want to say goodbye to cakey rice for good and instead want loose and appetizing rice, then the Removable Non-Stick Bowl is the piece for you.

The instructions for this rice cooker advise using the exact measures of water, rice, and additional ingredients recommended for a chef’s rice. The rice cooker senses when the water is fully absorbed and stops boiling to go into keep warm mode. With other measures, you will have to observe how the rice is cooking and adjust the switch on your own.

On the other hand, to steam cook with this rice cooker, the plastic basket with holes is the corresponding one. It is placed on top of the bucket and the food that you are going to cook on the basket. For peas, the recommendation is to place them in aluminum foil to prevent them from falling into the water through the holes or breaking.


Both the overall shell of the rice cooker and the inner bowl are made of brushed stainless steel. Thanks to the fine brushing of the steel, it is left in a matte silver color that looks great with the black combination of the lid knob, handles, feet, rims and on/off switch.

Its 1.8-litre capacity removable bowl is coated with non-stick material to ensure cooking without the rice sticking to the bottom. Likewise, the best plastic is used for the manufacture of the measuring cup, the spoon and the additional tray in the form of a basket to prepare healthy and delicious steamed foods.

Its glass lid allows you to see the food you are preparing, as well as allowing excess steam to escape through a small hole on the side of the knob. Likewise, its three highly resistant plastic legs will keep the appliance stable and balanced for a higher level of safety when cooking. 

In short, the double function of this appliance plus its quality materials make this rice cooker a very good value purchase and Russell Hobbs supports it with its experience and recognition as a leading brand of household appliances in the United Kingdom since 1952.


Washing this rice cooker is not complicated nor will it take a long time. It will only suffice to wash its lid, bucket and basket in warm water with a little soap, rinse and dry. Although it is a simple maintenance appliance, you should pay close attention to its washing, since the use of the dishwasher is not recommended for any of its parts.

The entire exterior of the rice cooker looks like new just by passing a clean damp cloth over its entire surface. It’s important to follow this step, as otherwise it could get wet and interrupt the 700-watt power it delivers, or perhaps damage the operating system entirely. 

As with other rice cookers, pressure cookers or casseroles, general recommendations other than washing should be followed with this product. Good care will ensure that all of your materials are kept in tip-top condition.  

A relevant suggestion is to remember that it is a rice cooker designed for domestic use where you must make sure that the outlet you are going to use to connect it is in excellent condition. In addition, the advantage of being able to remove the cable when you want to serve with it directly at the table will be maintained for a long time if you do it carefully and delicately.

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