Reviews of Zanussi Z6233iOk

Main advantage: 

The model is equipped with three cooking zones, through burners that have different dimensions to facilitate the use and versatility of both the containers and the dishes to be prepared. 

Main disadvantage: 

As a safety mechanism, this hob emits an audible alert in the form of a beep when the Booster function is pressed or when cooking over heat level 6. This buzz is loud and can be annoying and cause insecurity.

Verdict: 9.5/10

This induction hob has an appropriate size to be installed in small spaces, making the cooking process faster and more efficient, through different heat levels and zones. 

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Main Features Explained


Regardless of the trend, kitchens have become spaces arranged for the preparation of delicious gastronomic dishes, with an elegant and modern aesthetic style in which colors such as black, white or silver stand out. These new style trends have been adopted by induction hob manufacturers, hence these products have modern designs. Such is the case of this alternative from the Italian manufacturer Zanussi, which stands out for its attributes of quality, ease of installation, as well as classic and minimalist design, which integrates with the rest of the kitchen appliances. 

This induction plate has a surface of 59 cm in length, with a width of 52 cm and a height of 6 cm. It is available in an elegant black color, without a frame, which contrasts with some white tone details on the surface. These details have been included on the plate to delimit and indicate the three cooking zones, as well as to refer to the brand and model. 

In addition, its design is characterized by being innovative and technological, incorporating a tactile and sensitive control center that accepts and executes commands with just a touch of the fingers. This command center is electronic, independent and easy to use. 


Induction hobs are the new way to cook, through a fast, simple and functional mechanism, which is also safe for the user and their preparations, because it allows greater control over cooking. It is considered one of the best induction hobs on the market because it has been equipped by its manufacturer with advanced functions to make life easier for the user. 

This model is among the mid-range hobs, with positive opinions about its operation, efficiency and speed, thanks to the fact that within its functions it has modes for fast cooking through the “PowerBooster” function, which in a short time reaches a powerful temperature for better use of time. In addition, it has a programming function that allows the user to set a time. After the indicated minutes, the supply of heat energy to the pans in the selected cooking zone will be interrupted. This advanced function for programming is individual in each cooking zone and allows you to select a duration of up to 99 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, the panel will emit a sound warning to alert the user.

On the other hand, it is easy to clean because it has state-of-the-art technological developments, which prevent food spilled on the plate from burning. It also includes a safe mode, with which the control center is blocked and it has automatic disconnection.  

Cooking and power zones 

Equipped with three cooking zones clearly identified and delimited by rings on the surface, the price of this induction hob is worth every euro, because it offers versatility and flexibility when cooking with different pots of various sizes, depending on the preparation. One of the advantages of the Zanussi Z6233IOK is that the heat is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout the container, making cooking easier.

In addition, each of the cooking zones has been designed for a type of food preparation through heat generation. So that two small areas and a large one with double diameter can be achieved on the surface of the hob, which can be used to cook dishes of greater scope, size and content, in a variety of pans and paella pans. 

In relation to the cooking zones, the largest has a surface area of ​​29 cm in diameter and is located in the front right area of ​​the hob. This generates a heat power between 1800 and 3700 watts. Meanwhile, the left front cooking zone is smaller, with a surface of 21 cm and heats with a power between 2300 and 3700 watts. Finally, the cooking area located at the rear left has a surface area of ​​14.5 cm and its maximum heat power is 1400 watts. 

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