Rice Recipe with Milk

Creamy Rice Pudding

homemade dessert recipe Preparation time1 hourCooking time50 min


  • 200 gr of round rice
  • The skin of a medium lemon
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 100 grams of sugar


Other ingredients:

  • Cinnamon powder (optional for decoration)

Homemade rice pudding is a traditional dessert that has earned a place of honor in kitchens around the world. Its preparation varies by region, however, the end result is always a sweet rice recipe that everyone loves. In addition, it can be served according to the season of the year; if you prefer it in summer, cold straight from the fridge, or hot in winter to warm up.

Before starting the preparation of this dessert, it is important to wash the rice well to remove the starch. To do this, use a strainer and place the rice under the tap, stir with your hands and continue washing until the water no longer comes out white. This will prevent the rice from sticking and will not affect its creaminess. 

It is important before cooking the rice, add aroma to the milk that will serve as liquid for cooking. To do this, pour the milk into a saucepan with the sugar, the lemon peel, the cinnamon stick and bring it all to medium heat on your butane gas stove. You can also prepare the rice pudding in a quick pot, depending on your options and tastes. 

When you notice that the milk begins to boil, respect the measures of rice indicated in the recipe and incorporate the correct amount, lowering the cooking to a gentle intensity. Stir occasionally and cook for 50 minutes. 

As the rice softens, stir frequently to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the container. Likewise, you should also be aware of the amount of milk, since the most ideal cooking point is decided by each person; some prefer it thicker and others more soupy. Also, remember that when you remove the pot from the stove, the rice tends to absorb a little more milk; for this reason, it is advisable to leave it with more liquid. 

Before finishing the preparation, try the grains, and if you feel the right texture, remove the dessert from the flame and let it rest for a few moments so that the mixture tempers. Also, do not forget to remove the lemon peel and cinnamon sticks. 

This dish can be eaten hot or warm, although desserts are usually eaten cold. In any case, serve it in the containers intended for it, so that it settles and acquires the right consistency. Once it has rested, you can take it to the refrigerator. Two hours could be enough for it to be fresh and ready to eat.

This recipe can be refrigerated without problems for up to 3 days and to prevent it from drying out more than recommended, you can put plastic wrap over the container. At the time of serving, and to add more flavor, sprinkle cinnamon on top or caramelize the surface of the dessert.

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