Roomba problems

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is becoming a device that can be found more and more in homes around the world. However, this does not free it from inconveniences due to the malfunction of its components, poor maintenance or other reasons that cause inappropriate behavior.

Although Roomba robot vacuum cleaners are very popular, that does not free them from operating problems, whether due to factory problems, maintenance or simple wear and tear. Therefore, in this article we will review some of the most common and how to solve them.

Reset Roomba

Many times, it is not necessary to repair the Roomba charging base when an error of this type occurs, since resetting the Roomba battery can solve several of the most common problems. So, before starting an operation on your machine, we advise you to restart it. In several cases, this simple action has been able to solve the malfunction and the process is quite simple:

  1.   Turn on the Roomba robot vacuum using the “Clean” button.
  2.   Once activated, press the “Spot” and “Dock” buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons after the time has elapsed and you should hear the familiar cycle start sound.
  4. To finish the process, take the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner to its base and allow it to charge for approximately 12 hours or until the edge of the “Clean” button lights up green.

Roomba robot vacuum errors

An advantage that should be highlighted in this type of robot vacuum cleaner is the presence of a screen that can offer specific information in the event of any of the Roomba breakdowns. In this way, it is easier to obtain a diagnosis to apply the necessary corrections.

Below, we present the most common errors that the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner could present, along with what each one means to help you easily interpret it:

  • Mistake 1

On a Roomba robot vacuum, the charging error 1 refers to problems with the side wheels of the equipment. These could be excessively worn, dirty or blocked by some object, so they require a little review to know if you should buy a replacement or simply clean them so they can rotate freely.

  • Mistake 2

When your Roomba displays Error 2, this indicates that there is some kind of jam in the internal rotating mechanism that is blocking the rollers or the extractors.

This can be due to several reasons: they have worn out and need to be replaced, some object has entered the equipment and has hindered the revolutions of the parts, or they are excessively dirty. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to take a look inside and disassemble your Roomba in case you need to swap out the rollers for a new set.

  • Mistake 3

The 3 Roomba charging error generally occurs when the equipment is sitting on the Roomba charger, since the system detects a malfunction in the battery and, for the most part, will require a new one. Therefore, you should replace it as soon as possible if you want to continue enjoying the benefits that the vacuum cleaner offers.

  • Mistake 4

This error appears when the side wheel of the robot vacuum cleaner gets stuck and may be due to dirt or an object. To try to fix this, you can push it several times until the accumulated debris falls out and then restart the Roomba to verify that the problem is gone.


  • Mistake 5

In the category of robot vacuum cleaners, including the Roomba, error 5 is one of the most frequent , but also one of the simplest to solve. This inconvenience occurs when the equipment does not receive a charge from the base due to the lack of contact between the battery plates.

To solve it, it is enough to remove and clean the battery, since, for the most part, the error is caused by the presence of dust and dirt accumulated inside the equipment due to poor maintenance.


  • Mistake 6

Error 6 Roomba has its origin in problems with the navigation sensors of the robot vacuum cleaner and can occur in various scenarios; either they have become dirty, the team cannot map the area due to lack of light or it can also be taken as a warning that it is in a place where it could fall.

Other Roomba Problems You Might Run Into


  • Roomba stops right away

When the robot vacuum cleaner stops abruptly or just started the cleaning cycle, it is probably due to problems with the battery. You may need to replace or clean it. However, you can also try applying the reset that we discussed at the beginning of the article.

  • Roomba flashes orange light

The orange light on the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner appears when the equipment is charging and, although it is always flashing, the flashing speed will allow you to identify its status: if it is normal, it indicates that the battery is charging and if it is fast, it informs that it is charging. in the so-called “Refresh Charge” mode. This is activated after the battery goes through a long period of inactivity.

  • Roomba not charging

If you notice that your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner does not charge on the base, check the condition of the pins that make contact between the battery and the equipment and clean them if necessary.


  • Roomba stops and won’t return to base

In the event that the Roomba robot vacuum stops in the middle of the cleaning cycle and does not return to the charging dock, it may have run out of battery, so you should be aware of the status of its indicator lights.

  • A red light appears on Roomba

When the red light appears on your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, its battery has run out of power and you should take it to the charging dock to start the cycle. If the device is in its dock and you notice the red but blinking light, it will be indicating a problem during the battery charging process.

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