ROOWENTA RH8920 reviews

Main advantage:

The deposit arranged for dirt is an aspect that has been positively commented on the web, since it offers a quick emptying method. In addition, said compartment can be easily cleaned, without having to invest in refills, as is the case with devices with bags.

Main disadvantage:

Unlike other Rowenta vacuum cleaners, this vertical format model does not incorporate any type of accessories that improve its user experience. However, it offers an effective cleaning system.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This is a vacuum cleaner designed to offer an ergonomic grip and effective cleaning on large surfaces, edges and corners, due to its triangular shaped head and integrated motorized brushes.

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Main Features Explained

storage depot

Whatever the type of vacuum cleaner, its structure must incorporate a storage bag or tank for dust, hair, crumbs, among other dirt agents, collected by the brushes or nozzles arranged on the head. Both systems are usually highly effective, although the bags have some limitations, due to the fact that they deteriorate with constant use. In this sense, it is necessary to invest time and money to acquire the spare parts.

On the other hand, devices that integrate a tank into their structure are more convenient, since they are made of polymer or metal and, therefore, can be cleaned or washed, as required, to be used throughout their useful life. of the apparatus.

This is the case of Rowenta vacuum cleaners, whose model RH8920 has been provided with a 0.5 liter capacity plastic tank, incorporated into the grip stick, which allows easy storage of debris.

The best thing is that said compartment offers an emptying indicator, which alerts you when it has been filled, so that you can remove the dirt and continue vacuuming. In addition, this tank can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but remember to dry it well, to prevent the proliferation of mold, bacteria and bad odour.

Design and manufacturing

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the design offered by the different brands, trying as much as possible to make the structure as ergonomic as possible. In this sense, we refer to a device that is easy to handle and does not take up much space when stored. Similarly, there is the issue of equipment resistance, which is directly associated with the materials used for its manufacture.

A product that has achieved a large number of positive opinions on purchase portals and is even positioned among the best Rowenta vacuum cleaners, is the RH8920 model. This is due to its vertical broom-type design with a slim and lightweight body that, thanks to the upper handle, provides a comfortable grip at all times. In addition, its triangular head stands out, which allows access to any corner, for effective cleaning.

On the other hand, we have the raw material for manufacturing the device, for which a robust polymer in gray and purple tones has been used. This is a material that is soft to the touch, resistant and easy to clean, so you will only need to rub it with a damp cloth and then with a dry one to remove any excess. Also, some alloy parts stand out on the inside of the vacuum cleaner.

Operation and power

Operating a vacuum cleaner should be an intuitive process, after all, it is a device purchased for the purpose of helping people make cleaning easier. For this reason, the ideal is for the device to incorporate an on-off button, and another to adjust the power level of the integrated motor. Likewise, the power supply of the equipment can be by means of a cable, connected to an alternating current source or wirelessly, by means of batteries.

For example, this model is a competitively priced upright vacuum cleaner, offering quick and easy operation to be controlled from the top area of ​​the frame. In this way, you can turn on the equipment while holding its ergonomic handle. Likewise, it is possible to select between three speeds, to regulate the force of work, as necessary.

For its part, the power supply for starting the vacuum cleaner is in charge of a lithium ion battery, arranged in the structure’s pole, to keep it protected. In addition, said energy accumulator is rechargeable, so you will not have to worry about constantly having to make an extra investment buying spare parts.

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