Rowenta Comfort Compact SO2320F2 Reviews

Main advantage:

This product is highly efficient but also very compact, making it ideal for heating small spaces and taking it with you wherever you need a little warmth.

Main disadvantage:

In general, the level of noise generated by the product is considerable, according to the opinions about the product. Something that is perceived more intensely when the product is used at the highest power level.

Verdict: 9.8/10

An interesting model for those looking for a high-quality heater, from a well-known brand, at a reasonable price and with the usual functions but in a particularly compact size.

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Main Features Explained

heating power

Following the line of the best heaters we have on the market, this product has the usual power level for this type of product. Specifically, we are going to have two different powers, 1,000 or 2,000 watts, depending on what we need to heat at all times.

These power levels are accompanied by an internal fan, which is responsible for expelling the heat to the outside of the product, thus helping it to mix with the air in the room. Therefore, it is ideal for increasing the temperature of the room in a short time, especially at the highest power levels.

To top off this power, the product has a control panel based on wheels, in which we can establish both the desired power level, of the two that are available, and the intensity of said power in a kind of thermostat or regulator. Therefore, it is possible to choose both the general power and the level of heat that we want to generate at any given time. A heat that we can even remove, so that it is possible to use the product only as a fan, in cold air mode, in case you need it.

Measurements and dimensions

Compared to other somewhat more bulky or cumbersome products, the measurements of this product make it the best heater when placing it in places where space is scarce. A small size that also makes it easy to move the product to where it is necessary to enjoy a little heat.

Specifically, according to the manufacturer, we are talking about a model with measurements of 21 centimeters wide by 17.5 deep and 27.5 high, which gives us a model with a smaller size than other products. bigger. Regarding its weight, it is 1.8 kilos in total, so we do not have to carry a lot of load when it comes to placing the product in your home.

By the way, this compact size does not prevent the product from having a large area for discharging air to the outside, as well as a good-sized nozzle at the rear. The same happens with the location of the control panel, in the upper part of the device, so it is much easier to access it than in those products that place the wheels in the lower part of the device, which also require putting the arm in front of the heat outlet.

Other features of interest

In addition to everything mentioned, there are other aspects that deserve our attention, as far as knowing the product in detail is concerned. One of these aspects has to do with its Silence function. This mode of operation reduces the noise generated by the device to approximately 44 decibels. An ideal level for use in bedrooms or in situations where noise must be minimal.

They also highlight the safety features of the product, in line with what this top-tier brand is used to offering. Among these elements we have a thermostat, which prevents excessive heating of the product. An already common system that improves its performance thanks to an additional blocking system, which keeps controlled the heat generated by the equipment, beyond the indicated temperature, in order to maintain full safety in its performance.

This thermostat also incorporates an anti-frost device, so that the most extreme cold is not a problem when using the device. An additional guarantee of peace of mind to which are added elements designed for greater comfort, such as the included carrying handle.

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