Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme Reviews

Main advantage:

It offers 5 power options to adapt it to your needs, among which we can find the 3 basic speeds of traditional fans, plus a Turbo function and the innovative Silent Night, indicated for not causing noise at night.

Main disadvantage:

It has a weight of approximately 8 kg, which may be excessive to move it from one place to another. However, it incorporates a comfortable grip rear handle to facilitate its transfer.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It incorporates an electronic panel to control the device from its structure, but it also has a remote control, which gives you more convenience so you don’t have to get up.

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Main Features Explained


It has a great power of 70 W, which allows you to choose between 5 different speeds that can be adapted to your ventilation needs, where the air flow is intense in any of them from the moment you turn on the equipment. In this sense, it is good to know that in its maximum speed function it is capable of producing an air current of 80 m3/min, so you can enjoy a fresh environment in any room of your house.

What is most striking about this equipment is that it keeps noise decibels at their lowest levels during operation, so it has an acoustic power of only 35 dB (A), thus protecting the feeling of well-being during rest and does not cause discomfort at the time of use.

Among its settings we can find the Silent Night mode, which is barely noticeable at night so you can sleep without any interruptions or noise from the fan. Despite this, its air current remains continuous and efficient, which guarantees the freshness necessary to promote restful sleep.

However, if you want more power for hot summer days, then the Turbo Boost level could be a good option, as it is meant to give you a strong breeze and an optimal level of comfort, allowing you to do other tasks without worrying about the wind. heat. For this reason, although this model has a high price compared to similar ones, user opinions indicate that it is worth the investment due to its features.


It includes a front electronic control panel, which has multiple buttons to select the speed, mode of use and timer options. In addition, it incorporates light indicators that show the chosen option.

However, this is still related to traditional fans with similar operation, so this fan seeks innovation through a remote control, which is easy to use and will provide you with greater convenience to control the equipment from your bed or sofa.. This is one of the reasons why many consider him one of the best fans of the moment.

Among its functions we can find the Decrescendo mode, capable of reducing the airflow automatically every 15 minutes, in this way the air will not be uncomfortable on your skin during prolonged use. Also, we can find the Timer that makes it possible to program hours of continuous operation, with a duration of 1, 2, 4 and up to 8 hours, which gives you greater practicality and allows you to save energy during the day and night.


It is a pedestal fan that has a diameter of 40 cm and can automatically oscillate 120° to favor air flow, thanks to the classic easy-access button on the back of the unit. Also, it has manual vertical orientation, which you can adjust according to the level of the bed or to direct towards a specific point.

Its main structure is made up of a highly resistant telescopic tube with a metallic finish, specifically designed so that you can adapt its height to your needs. In this sense, it offers an adjustment between 110 and 140 cm, so it can be low or high so that you can enjoy the air depending on your position in the room. Also, it is necessary to highlight its 5 blades with a translucent pale blue surface, which in addition to making the fan attractive, efficiently fulfill its air-generating function.

As if that were not enough, it has a dual-use rear handle, first of all it serves to hold the equipment securely during its transfer, but it also incorporates a very convenient slot that allows you to store the remote control, in this way, you avoid losing it when not in use.

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