Rowenta vu5640 Opinions

Main advantage:

The safety offered by this fan is frequently commented on by fans of the brand, since it incorporates a grid-shaped cover in the ellipse area to prevent accidental contact with the moving blades.

Main disadvantage:

With this fan you will need to carry out a brief assembly of the base, the telescopic tube and the upper area of ​​the blades, which could be a bit of a messy task for some people.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This is a pedestal fan with a conventional design and a mechanical control panel, which allows you to select up to five speed levels, for immediate and silent cooling.

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Main Features Explained


Security is an issue whose importance remains in force in any type of equipment to acquire, whether electronic or not. Therefore, when starting the selection of any model of silent fans, it is necessary to evaluate this aspect in detail. 

Let us remember that it is a piece of equipment with which all the members of the family will most likely interact, so it could represent a danger in those homes with small children. In this sense, infants could inadvertently tip the device or come into direct contact with the blades while they are running. Of course, in case it is a standing fan.

This is precisely the case of the Rowenta vu5640, a ventilation device whose upper area, just where the rotating blade system is located, incorporates a protection cover. This piece has been manufactured using a format of reinforced metal grids. In this way, no matter how persistent the child is trying to insert his fingers through the aforementioned grid, he will not be able to reach the moving blades.

In addition, to complement the safety of the fan, in the lower part of the structure you will have a round base, which provides the necessary stability to stand up without risk of falling.

operating speeds

The speed levels and working modes with which the fan to be purchased has been provided are aspects that any buyer should be interested in, since the efficient operation offered by the device after its start-up will depend on them.

For example, the Rowenta house has taken care of this type of detail in the vu5640 model, equipping it with a powerful motor with a work force corresponding to 70 watts, which you can easily regulate. For this, a convenient mechanical-type control panel is incorporated in the middle part of the structure, just below the ellipse, for fast and intuitive programming at all times.

Regarding the operating speeds of this silent fan, you will enjoy five different levels that, according to the opinions of buyers on the web, allow you to adjust the air flow according to the specific needs of each person.

Likewise, the “night” mode stands out within these levels, with which you will keep the room cool and quiet, since it only generates 45 decibels of noise. For its part, with the “turbo boost” mode, you will activate an air flow of 80 cubic meters for each minute of work, for an immediate sensation of freshness in the room.

Adjustment, transport and storage

When thinking about acquiring a pedestal fan, it is essential to verify if its structure has been provided with some type of adjustment mechanism, which allows the height of the equipment to be adjusted. This is a convenient feature that, together with the ellipse area orientation system, allows for proper airflow projection. Likewise, by reducing the size of the fan, the person will have greater practicality when handling it and can even save space when storing the device.

In this sense, the present Rowenta model is recommended as the best silent fan, since it not only meets the aforementioned requirements, but also has a low price.

Rowenta vu5640 has a telescopic tube made of aluminum and with a chrome surface, which can be adjusted quickly and safely, by means of a screw piece. Thus, it will be possible for the fan to reach a height of 110 to 140 centimeters. For its part, the head where the blades, the motor and the protection grid are located, offers an orientation of up to 120°, while the upper handle offers an ergonomic grip so that picking up the structure and moving it is not a messy task.

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