Siemens Eh651FDC1E reviews

Main advantage: 

If this model of induction hob stands out for something, it is because it is equipped with technological properties that improve the experience in the kitchen, through advanced functions that facilitate and shorten times.

Main disadvantage: 

Although it is easy to use, there are some considerations that are not explained extensively in the instruction manual and seem to be left unfinished. However, this does not affect its performance or use.  

Verdict: 9.9/10

In general, this model of the Siemens brand is recognized as one of the best according to user opinions because it has a modern and elegant design, large areas for cooking food and works with a total power of 7400 watts.

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Main Features Explained

Features and technology

Technology has reached all areas, being useful in the kitchen because it reduces the time for the creation of gastronomic dishes, with a low incidence of energy consumption. Aware of this, the manufacturer Siemens has equipped its EH651FDC1E model with different attributes and technological functions that show an advance that stands out among the rest of the alternatives.

Among the best induction hobs on the market, this is one of the models that appears constantly leading the preferences of the user community. This is because it has been equipped with technological innovations for induction, which translates into greater efficiency, faster food preparation, safety to prevent accidents and a better cleaning mechanism. 

In relation to efficiency, this model has a function known as “fryingSensor” that offers the possibility of having precise control over the temperature of the oil. The manufacturer recommends that a specific brand of pan should be used to be accurate. However, according to user opinions, it works correctly with any pan, as long as it has a diffuser bottom to maintain the constant temperature of the oil. 

It also has a function for the detection of containers. By pressing the sensor and placing a pan of water over the burners, the hob indicates if they are good, fair or bad pans for induction. On the other hand, the Siemens EH651FDC1E board is equipped with a timer in two modes. One of the functions of the timer is that it turns off the heat after the time that the user has indicated, even cutting off the residual heat. Meanwhile, the other programming function emits an acoustic warning for each cooking zone once the time indicated by the user has elapsed. One of the best advantages of this is that they can be used simultaneously. 


Induction hobs are becoming increasingly used elements in kitchens, due to the benefits they incorporate and their discreet designs with a minimalist style. This makes many people think that they are high-cost products. However, the price of this model is competitive and its design looks elegant, modern, functional and practical to handle. For this reason, this plate adjusts to different spaces and is aesthetically attractive, as a decorative element that integrates with the rest of the decoration in the kitchen area. 

The model has a surface of 60 cm wide, 5.1 cm high and 52.2 cm long, with a total weight of 13 kilos. Within this surface, the user will have the possibility of using any of the three enabled cooking areas, each one of them with the functions that the hob incorporates, in relation to technology, benefits of agility and speed in food preparation..

Regarding the design, it is available in an elegant black color, with details on the plate in white and in the form of rings, which indicates to the user which areas of the total surface are those that emit heat and, at the same time, where it is. containers must be placed for cooking food. In addition to these white circles, the surface also has the name of the brand and model in the same color.

On the other hand, as in its functions, its design is also technological, because it incorporates an operating system through a touch control that is placed outside the cooking areas, just at the bottom, being the first element with the that the user will find on the surface of the plate. To activate the functions and power, it is only necessary to slide your finger on this space in the desired option.  

power and safety

The Siemens EH651FDC1E induction hob works with a voltage of 230 volts, which provides energy for an electrical power of 2600 watts and a maximum power of 7400 watts in 17 levels. 

This generated heat power cooks the food through three cooking zones, which are known as burners, where the containers and pots must rest to begin the process. Each of these zones on the Siemens induction hob is marked and has a specific ring surface that is suitable for different sizes of containers and contents. 

In this sense, the largest area that has been designed for large containers, such as paella pans, has a total diameter of 32 cm. It also has two other areas with cooking rings, which are smaller and fit smaller containers, allowing efficient energy consumption, aimed at saving. These rings are activated automatically when the hob detects the container. In addition, the heat is adjusted and distributed evenly around the container that is placed.

On the other hand, it is a safe induction hob that, although it has a high power, has been equipped with a security system that serves several purposes. On the one hand, the cleaning lock allows that in case something is spilled, both the plate and the control panel can be cleaned, without changing the settings. On the other hand, this insurance is thinking for the little ones in the house. Through the blocking button, all the functions of the plate are restricted, in order to avoid accidental manipulations. To regain control, it is only necessary to press and hold the same lock button for a few seconds. 

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