Siemens HF15G561 reviews

Main advantage:

This microwave has a good level of functionality to carry out the cooking, heating and defrosting of a variety of foods. Likewise, it has a power of 800 watts to make its use more comfortable, fast and efficient.

Main disadvantage:

Its capacity could be a bit tight when cooking different foods, since it is slightly smaller compared to other models.


Verdict: 9.6/10

This could be your best choice since it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of options to cook your food and enjoy a rich golden, gratin or crispy texture.

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Main Features Explained



Built-in ovens, depending on the brand and model, can be of different powers, which will allow you to prepare a variety of foods according to their functions.

On this occasion, Siemens has for you a very versatile product with which to enjoy proper operation, it is the HF15G561, a model with which you can cook meat, heat drinks and defrost food, among other things.

It should be noted that the defrost function is automatic, therefore, it will work based on the weight of the food, which is much more practical, easy and simple to use.

You will also have the Grill option at your disposal, so browning, gratin and toasting different dishes will be easier than you think. You could even use the Grill option combined with microwave, as it is designed for soufflés and gratins.

As for the automatic programs, Siemens has used some in this model so that you can save time by being able to use them comfortably and quite simply, since you only have to select the program you prefer and previously enter the weight of the food you need to cook, for its part the microwave will do the rest.

Best of all, this product also has the AutoCook system which has 8 predefined cooking recipes and allows you to save the recipe for your favorite dish in its memory, so that every time you decide to prepare it, just select it and that’s it, the microwave starts the cooking of the dish.


Taking into account the opinions of many users, we must mention that this model has a characteristic design of the brand and that it stands out for having an elegant and very attractive structure which, once mounted in your kitchen, will give it a different and modern appearance.

Thus, we will first mention the touch and electronic control panel available in its structure and specifically located on the right side of the microwave. Without a doubt, this detail makes it look very good compared to other models, it is also very easy to use, since it has a rotary knob that, among its qualities, can be easily hidden.

Likewise, this microwave has a screen with a red display, this being a characteristic of the brand, through said screen you can see the time and you can enjoy an LED timer.

If we talk about the dimensions of this product, it is important to note that they are 45.3 x 32 x 28 centimeters, so it is a model with a compact size and easy to handle, especially when it is time to assemble it. In addition, its total weight is 11 kilograms.

As for the opening system, you can carry out this action by means of a button located in the lower right part that, in addition to being delicate, will facilitate access to the food you decide to cook. Finally, it is a microwave with an affordable price and available in a stainless steel colour, which can be combined with many appliances.

power and manufacturing

If you are in search of what could be the best built-in microwave, you should take into account details regarding the power and the type of manufacturing that a specific model has, so that you can determine the level of practicality and resistance that it can offer you during its use. use.

Thus, the HF15G561 model provides good resistance and durability as it is made of stainless steel, a material that, as we all know, is considered robust. Also, the microwave has a glass window that will let you easily see the food you are cooking while giving the product an elegant touch.

As it is an exterior as well as an interior made of stainless steel, it is important that you know that you will be able to carry out the cleaning process in a comfortable and simple way, using just a few minutes of your time.

Now, in terms of the power of this microwave, you can have 5 different cooking levels as it has a total of 800 watts with which to achieve a good heating process by properly distributing the heat inside. Likewise, its capacity is 17 liters, while the turntable is 24.5 centimeters in diameter.

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