Siemens IQ500 SN258i02IE reviews

Main advantage: 

This model was provided with an adjustment mechanism on the basket, which will allow you to adapt its size according to your convenience. Thus, you will not have to worry about the size of the plates, glasses, cups, glasses, cutlery and other utensils.

Main disadvantage: 

There are those who comment that the cost of the dishwasher is a bit high compared to other designs. However, they reiterate that its quality, efficiency and aesthetics are worth the investment.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this dishwasher you will enjoy highly efficient electrical equipment, equipped with a brushless motor and a series of cleaning cycles that will adapt to your needs.

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Main Features Explained

Design and adjustment of the wash basket

Without a doubt, the developers of Siemens products think of all the details when manufacturing their appliances, which is the case with this dishwasher. It is a team that has nothing to envy to other models on the market, since it has exceptional design features.

Regarding the exterior design, we have to highlight a robust and resistant structure, as well as an elegant aesthetic given by the well-cared finishes in the joints, edges and lower bases. In addition, the surface has been provided with an anti-fingerprint treatment, designed to facilitate cleaning and offer a neat appearance for longer. The door is hinged, the handle is ergonomic and the control panel is touch type.

On the other hand, we have the interior of the appliance in which the washing basket is located. This is a fundamental piece in any dishwasher, which has a fairly spacious format and is suitable for placing at least 13 services.

A particularity to highlight in this Siemens model, which has generated a large number of positive opinions from users, is related to the basket. In this sense, you can easily adjust its size, according to your needs of use. The basket incorporates a mechanism designed by the manufacturer to provide quick and easy height adjustment, improving the loading and unloading experience in each of the washing-drying cycles. 

In this way, just by identifying the button on one of the sides of the grid and pressing it, you can select between a maximum of three levels. Thus, you will achieve greater flexibility in the space for placing plates, glasses, cups and glasses of all sizes. Likewise, cutlery, containers and any other utensil suitable for this type of cleaning equipment.

Washing methods

Siemens is a manufacturer with a long history in the home appliance market, dedicated to developing products capable of satisfying user needs in an intuitive way. Under this premise, the iQ500 SN258I02IE dishwasher is created, provided with a touch control panel and a small LCD screen. In this way, you can select between several washing and drying programs and you will even have a dispenser.

For example, with the “Speed ​​Plus” mode, you will be able to minimize the time lapse of the washing cycle by up to 66%. Thus, once you press this button on the front panel, you will see on the screen the time remaining for your dishes to look sparkling. Best of all, you can save time to continue with your daily activities.

Likewise, you will be able to dry the dishes in less time and with low electricity consumption, thanks to the “Drying with zeolites” function. To do this, the manufacturer incorporated a mineral called zeolite whose properties are responsible for absorbing a large amount of moisture and transforming it into heat. In this way, the plates, glasses and other utensils will be dried without deteriorating, offering a particular shine.

If you decide to use the “Auto” mode, you will give way to a cycle governed by a sensor. In this sense, the device will automatically measure the amount of residue and dirt detached from the dishes during soaking. Thus, it will determine if it is necessary to provide more water and even increase its temperature, in order to provide an efficient wash cycle.

On the other hand, we have the dispenser, designed for those who use detergent capsules. Its automatic operation activates a water spray that is responsible for dissolving the soap bars. Next, the solution is spread throughout the basket, managing to cover the plates, glasses, cups, mugs, cutlery and other incorporated objects.

Energy and water consumption

After the start-up of the best dishwasher, we will be generating a specific energy expenditure, as well as consuming a certain level of water. Both factors will depend on the provisions of each of the manufacturing brands, being the most advisable to acquire a product that stands out for its efficiency in regard to this issue.

In the case of this Siemens dishwasher, we will be able to enjoy an appliance that has been provided with an iQdrive motor, offering a high-end work force corresponding to 2400 watts. This is a component with advanced technology, designed to provide users with low power consumption, but with convenient performance. 

In addition, because it has no brushes, it promises a long life and quiet operation of only 44 decibels of noise. Thanks to these specifications, the dishwasher has been labeled as an A+++ energy class appliance. In this sense, we are in the presence of a device considered very efficient, consuming a minimum amount of energy at the time of carrying out its operation. Thus, annually it will spend around 234 kilowatts per hour of work, 0.82 kilowatts during the execution of each cycle and 0.5 watts when the equipment is turned off.

On the other hand, we have to highlight the water consumption offered by the iQ500 SN258I02IE dishwasher, which according to the manufacturer has an adequate level of consumption. In this sense, it is important to mention that the equipment spends 2660 liters of water annually and the amount of 9.5 liters in each of the washing cycles.

With respect to such measurements, you will need to bear in mind that they are based on standard consumption habits. However, the consumption of water is subject to some variations, associated with the programmed work mode for cleaning the dishes.

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