Siemens LC97BC532 IQ300 reviews

Main advantage:

It has a good combination of power and design, which makes this hood a useful and decorative product at the same time. In this sense, it offers 139 W for a maximum extraction power of 730 m³/h, in addition, it has an elegant stainless steel finish.

Main disadvantage:

This model does not have a touch control screen as it happens with other similar extractor hoods, however, it is possible to adjust the power in 4 speeds according to the need of the moment.

Verdict: 9.7/10 

This hood can be installed in small and medium-sized kitchens, thanks to its dimensions of 50 x 90 x 62.8 cm, however, it weighs 18 kg, so you will need help during installation.

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Main Features Explained


In case you want to acquire the best extractor hood of the moment, it is good that you take into account the power of the Siemens LC97BC532 iQ300, since this characteristic is directly related to its operation and, therefore, with the different uses that you can give it. to the device. 

As is generally the case with the brand’s extractor hoods, this model offers good absorption power, to keep the kitchen space clean, especially when we are cooking intensely, which generates a lot of smoke, odors and steam from the combustion of animal and vegetable fats, which are the main ingredients in some recipes.

It incorporates a 130 W power iQdrive motor, which does not use brushes during the rotor polarity change, therefore, it is more energy efficient, has fewer breakdowns and offers a 10-year guarantee. As if that were not enough, the iQdrive technology allows a quieter operation, so that it only emits 41 to 55 dB (A).

It offers a maximum extraction capacity of 730 m³/h according to the Spanish standard UNE/EN 61591, which you can use in the most intense cases of smoke and steam, achieving a grease filtering efficiency of 80%. On the other hand, at the other power levels, the absorption capacity is between 310 and 460 m³/h, sufficient for domestic use in the kitchen.

The lighting system has a power of 9 W, for a total of 139 W if we add the motor capacity. In addition, it works at a frequency of 60; 50 Hz and uses a voltage of 220-240 V, this means that it is ready to be installed easily in Spain and other European countries.

If we take into consideration the opinions of some users, we can say that this extractor hood offers greater suction power than others of the same type, making it a good purchase option for the home if you usually prepare fried, roasted or grilled foods. steam.


The price of household appliances has to do with the benefits that each model offers to users, in this case, the Siemens LC97BC532 iQ300 extraction hood offers the possibility of varying the extraction power in 4 levels, which allows more use. energy efficient, as you can use exactly the suction power you need based on the food you are cooking.

Another advantage of this product is its lighting system through LED bulbs, which offer a good amount of light so that you can clearly observe the entire cooking area, allowing you to create creative dishes with a more professional finish. On the other hand, it is important to note that these lights consume less electricity and are more durable than halogen technology.

Likewise, the hood has a special intensive power function, which increases the absorption power temporarily, only for those cases in which there is excess smoke and steam, however, after 6 minutes the power returns to its normal state. normal automatically, in order not to affect your electricity bill. 

One of the drawbacks that arise when using an extractor hood is the difficulty of cleaning it, for this reason, this model incorporates stainless steel filters, which you can clean without any problem in the dishwasher, to avoid physical effort. which involves manual washing. In addition, the motor has a shielded interior, therefore, there is no danger of getting the wiring and other components wet.

This hood has class A+ energy efficiency, so its annual consumption is only 32.5 kWh, while the fluid dynamic efficiency is 34.8 and the lighting efficiency is 100 Lux/W, therefore, they are also A class. 


It is a wall hood, which has the motor integrated in the chimney area and has general measurements of 50 x 90 x 62.8 cm. The base of the hood is slim, only 46mm high, while the decorative duct is 58cm.

It is an integrable hood, so you need to do an installation of medium complexity, however, it has a system that facilitates the process. In this sense, you can do the assembly if you have certain basic knowledge. Otherwise, it is advisable to hire a specialized technical service to extend its useful life.

It includes a non-return valve, which opens when the hood is in operation, to push the smoke out through the outlet duct, however, when the extractor device is off, this piece is closed to prevent the entry of air from the outside, this way smoke and odors cannot return to the kitchen once they have been extracted. As if that were not enough, it comes with a 130 cm cable to easily connect the product to electricity.

It has a classic square design, with a metallic finish, making it a decorative element that combines with different interior designs. In addition, it is a robust stainless steel structure, highly resistant to corrosion and impacts.

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