Siemens RDH10 Reviews

Main advantage:

This thermostat stands out primarily for offering an easy and intuitive handling, which favors that it can be used by anyone and even by older adults without any risk. In addition, it has the support of a prestigious brand.

Main disadvantage:

Given the simplicity it offers and considering that it is a non-programmable model, its price is higher than other similar devices. However, it is a device that delivers what it promises.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It could be the most suitable thermostat when efficiency and easy handling are what you are looking for. For this reason, for many it is a recommended purchase.

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Main Features Explained


Technology always in our favor provides us with greater comfort and better quality of life. In places where the temperature is not the most favorable and drops considerably, especially at night, heating is a primary need. However, this is an element that increases energy consumption in both companies and homes; hence the importance of thermostats.

The Siemens RDH10 is a thermostat model that helps you to efficiently control your air conditioning system and without spending extra energy; so its operation regulates and prevents you from having the heating on at the same temperature throughout the winter. Likewise, to improve the user experience, it is convenient to consider the heat needs inside the home, which may vary depending on the external temperature, the number of people who live in the property and the stipulated hours of use.

Likewise, it is a device that has the support of the prestigious and recognized German brand Siemens, a benchmark in the market for its high-quality products. For this reason, Siemens is considered in Europe as the largest company at an industrial level, with 190 branches distributed throughout the world. It especially attends 4 sectors: energy, industrial, health and infrastructure sectors.

Ease of use and precision

If what you are looking for is a thermostat that offers you simple handling, without complicated and confusing programming and that also offers easy assembly; this could be the best thermostat to install in your main home, office or vacation home. According to the opinions of many people who have acquired it, its ease of use is one of its great advantages, without neglecting the precision it provides, since it is a digital and reliable device. 

Its installation does not require expensive labor, so if you like DIY and have basic knowledge of electricity, you can assemble it yourself without major problems. To do this, it has an independent plate and a connection to the boiler by means of a 2-wire cable.

In addition, it is a non-programmable thermostat that only needs to turn its selector to choose the temperature according to two available modes: room mode and customizable mode, according to your heat needs. Simply turn the dial to the right or left; Due to this ease of use, it is a recommended device to be handled comfortably even by older adults.

functional design

Its modern design offers an aesthetic component that fits perfectly with any environment, whether domestic or professional. Its dimensions are 9 cm wide, 12 cm high and 3.5 cm deep and its power source is two 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries. Likewise, it is compatible with heating systems, gas burners, boilers, thermal valves, zone valves, fans and heat pumps.

Additionally, it is a thermostat equipped with a very clear backlit LCD screen, which favors a better display of the digits. On this screen you can easily see the room temperature and the temperature you have chosen for the interior of the house. Similarly, the size of the screen allows you to have a better view when adjusting the heat level; which you can choose between a range that goes from 5 to 30 degrees Celsius, according to your particular needs.

In addition to all this, its selector has an ergonomic design that facilitates handling and control. In addition, it is a device certified by the European Community for its high quality standards and has IP20 protection that classifies it as a moisture resistant thermostat.

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