Siemens RDJ10RF Reviews

Main advantage: 

The different operating modes represent a great advantage, as they adapt to the needs you have in your home and will help you to have a more efficient energy consumption to avoid excessive expenses.

Main disadvantage: 

The installation can be quite complicated if you do not know English, since the manual does not come in Spanish. On top of that, this guide doesn’t have quite clear instructions, so it might cause confusion.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This Siemens digital thermostat is of high quality and provides very efficient temperature control, adapting to what you need and maintaining a pleasant environment. 

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Main Features Explained

Operating modes

One of the reasons why many users prefer this product is because of the variety of operating modes it has, to suit the specific needs of buyers. This versatility in its operation is what makes many opinions positive. Despite not being the product with the lowest price, the Siemens quality seal means that this model continues to be one of the most purchased on the market.

Its operating modes, in addition to being several, work with both heating and cooling systems. That is, no matter if you want your house warmer or cooler, the digital thermostat will give you exactly the control you need, with a temperature range of 5 to 30°C.

The automatic mode will allow the appliance to be operational following the selected 24-hour program. This is the default behavior type and if you don’t want it, you will need to change it. The comfort mode, meanwhile, allows you to indicate an exact temperature for the thermostat to maintain, unless you change the heating or cooling set point.

To consume less electrical energy, the energy saving mode will work with a certain temperature and keep the electricity consumption at a minimum point. The last mode is the freeze protection mode.


Definitely among the best digital thermostats on the market today, the Siemens RDJ10RF model is one of the most unique. In terms of design, this product cannot be compared to any other, as it has a different structure and consists of two devices, instead of one. This does not mean that you will get two digital thermostats for the purchase, but that your investment will bring with it a transmitting device and one that works as a receiver to give you a more complete experience.

The receiver has a cancellation button to cancel the operation, another learning button to memorize the type of use you give it and adapt to your needs, together with two lights that indicate that the product is working correctly. This device is the one that will go next to the boiler or the device that serves as a source, and must be connected to a power outlet in order to work.

Moreover, the transmitter is wireless. The design has a wheel with a + and – symbol to be able to set the temperature to a lower or higher level. The bottom has a small bar that can be moved to indicate the desired operating mode, while the side bar is used to indicate the temperature set point for the different operating modes.

Technical specifications

In order to know if this model is really the one you need at home, it is necessary to verify all the technical specifications of operation. Taking these details into account will give you information about its quality, comfort of use, duration, among other important things. This product prioritizes versatility and compatibility with different systems and different areas. Siemens digital thermostat can be used in residential complexes, offices, schools and houses effectively. Furthermore, the controller can be used with equipment such as thermal valves, Combi boilers, oil burners, pumps and fans.

Regarding its operation, the transmitter equipment of this set requires 2 AA alkaline batteries to be used, and these are included in the purchase. The dimensions of the devices are small, with a total weight of 499 grams, making installation and handling easy.

The screen occupies a height of 4.5 centimeters with a width of 5 centimeters from the transmitter. There you can see data regarding the mode used and the current temperature, all in a large and easy to read way. The margin of error remains between 1 and 2 degrees, making it a fairly precise product with optimal performance.

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