Smart digital thermostats and some products necessary to enjoy a connected home

With the advances in technology in recent years, you may have read or heard about smart digital thermostats in the news. These are electronic devices that, by obligation, are required to have in a smart home in order to enjoy all the benefits it offers us.

What is a smart digital thermostat?

A smart digital thermostat is one that has the ability to follow the steps of your pace of life at home. That is to say, it will study if there are people in your home, the temperature inside and outside and will adjust it according to your previous actions, so the more you use it, it will be able to learn your routine until the time comes when you will not need to access it. to adjust the temperature, since it will do it automatically following the pattern of the on and off times, temperature and whether or not there are people in the home.

What are the differences between a smart thermostat and a conventional one?

The answer to this question is variable, since there are many manufacturers of smart thermostats, so it will vary from one brand to another, with some being more advantageous than others. Take Tado° as an example; a German company and Google Nest.

Although both companies are specialized in designing and developing products for home automation, each one of them has its advantages and star products. For its part, Tado° is increasingly popular in Europe due to its different models of thermostats, but especially the one that is fixed on the radiator; allowing you to adjust the temperature manually using the application that you can download from your Smartphone store or by voice control, whether you use Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or the Google assistant.

In addition, you can say: “it’s a little cold here”, “Ok Google, raise/lower the temperature to X degrees” and so on with each of them, so we recommend that you check the phrases you can say on each device to manage it by voice.

On the other hand, all the brands that are specialists in Smart Home, including those mentioned above, have the particularity of helping you reduce the energy consumption of your home with the selected device, it will only be enough to inform you correctly how to use energy savings with him and so you can get the most out of it so that you can exploit its functions, as well as some provide information regarding failures that may occur in boilers and heat generating systems so that you can take action quickly.

Are you ready to use the technology of a smart thermostat?

Over the years, technology will gradually advance, so many users will surely use it out of necessity and others out of practicality. With what we told you above, it should be enough to clear most of your doubts regarding whether it is necessary to acquire a smart thermostat: affordability, easy installation, control and management by voice or Smartphone are some of the features that stand out in these devices. and they are also a cornerstone for having a properly connected home, but the question would be: are you really prepared to make use of this technology? 

Additionally, it should be noted that acquiring several devices to have your home connected will require you to make a large investment of time and money, but you do not have to worry, since you can acquire them little by little.

What are the smart equipment necessary to have a Smart Home?

First of all, you have to think about what kind of smart home you want, so depending on that, the products could vary as well as the amount to invest.

Now, we will mention a list of some of the most recommended smart devices, they are in high demand in the market and we think they might be of interest to you.

Smartphones: There are many of these on the market and who does not have one today? It is that it is a world trend to have a smart mobile, but these are evolving little by little, so we recommend that you acquire one of the most recent models, which has speed and a great capacity for you to manage the other smart devices from the palm of your hand. your hand in a very practical way.

Thermostats: These devices will act efficiently and regulate the temperature following your rhythm of life. In addition, most models allow you to add sensors to avoid using the application, so the ambient climate of your home will be automatically leveled when it does not detect movements at home. 

Smart TV and computers: Here is the dilemma when users think about making a decision, since they do not know whether to purchase a specific brand that can integrate all other devices without presenting compatibility problems. As it is in the case of Linux, Windows, iOS, 

Virtual assistants: These are always listening to you and waiting for your orders to make your life easier. With these devices, you will be able, among other things, to turn on the lighting system in your home, the television, the music, the heating and even search for any information you want to know on the Internet. In addition, among the most prominent are Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s assistant.

Smart spotlights: These will be in charge of turning on/off with movements, sounds or through an application on your Smartphone.

Smart locks: With the acquisition of a smart lock you can open and close the doors of your home just by bringing the Smartphone closer to the sensor, even if you have left the keys inside or you can also give authorization to guests for a certain time. 

Security cameras: When detecting movements at the entrance door or inside your home, an alert will be sent to your mobile and the cameras will begin to provide you with images that will allow you to recognize if they are your guests or not.

Applications: To manage all the smart devices you have purchased, it may be tedious in case you do not have a fully integrated system, so to avoid opening each application separately. We mention some of the most popular applications that will allow you to unify your connected home: Google HomeKit, Homey, Revolv, Samsung SmartThings.

Therefore, so that you can select one of the best digital thermostats of 2022, we recommend that you take into account the characteristics that we mentioned before.

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